Monday, April 7, 2014

Stone Mountain-short on time...

Jordan :)   our week was a good one :)  we are don ok as far the work  we are doin all we can and its paying off :)  no the they were white  why do ask?  I will need to see pics of this fish :)   I liked his talks well it was a good one :)   I really liked Holland's talk on Saturday!!!  that one gave me chills :):) so good :) love you Jordan be safe  take care   love elder weaver

Jax  ha-ha   I'm glad your eye is ok and all is well  just be careful next time ;)   ha-ha  his talk was really good and I think it's good that he included a lot more things than just the normal, his and Ewrings talk went very well together :)  I thought  good stuff my man glad you had a good week   now have another one :)  love you love elder weaver

Justin :)   howdy howdy howdy :)  ha-ha  his talk was very influential and hit me as well,  why did it hit you like it did?   good choice on filling out mission papers :)  that's all we need in life are things that our lives directions and we move forward and god helps us as we go and makes any changes needed ;)  well I'm glad y'all had a good week and enjoyed yourselves :)   have fun with the prego belly ;)  ha-ha  I  had fun doin that!!  it was pretty funny :):)  take pics and send me some :)   tell Morgan I said hi :);)  ya you old adult!!   you get big punishment now if you anything bad;)   so don't get caught ;)   ha-ha just kidding  don't do anything bad!!   you'll be able to use em soon here :)  I've been good and our week was good nothing too exciting happened but I like the area and things are getting better :)   I miss you too Justin and please write me if I can help you with anything or if you just wanna talk about things   it doesn't have to be formal  just a letter going back and forth to each other  even tho I'm 2000 miles away I still wanna be able to support and help you in all that you're doing and the many exciting things that are about to happen for you :)  I love you very much buddy and I hope and pray only the best for you :)  love elder weaver

good morning my favorite mom :)  oh man no vacation,,,  I'm sorry and from the pics y'all sent it looks like it was nice weather :):) right we don't HAVE to wear them  but we will when it rains :)  it's raining today...  ha-ha  oh well :)  ooh man I need to email them and let know who we are doing :):)   I will see what we can about getting his number and having him call us   they need to call us first we can't call out of our area and my comp is fine them taking us out but they need to call us first :)  so we will get arranged :):)  oh no he died????   :(:( he was a nice guy I really liked him...   man...  I haven't gotten anything yet but it could come today hopefully.. thank you for sending that to me :):)  Jeff and Sybil were not baptized yet they have some things they need to work on still before they can then time plays a factor.  :(  kinda bummed about that.. but they need to be ready :)  church is from 10 to 1  it's on Wesely Chapel Road  tell land on and his wife to come visit ;)   ha-ha just kidding ;)   the twin oaks ward.   we don't see them too often  I haven't yet anyways.   so I'm getting kicked off  but I love y'all so much and will talk to y'all next week I will be able to have more time next week cause ill have a card.  

dad.  you crazy awesome bike rider you!!  please stay safe and know I love you!!  ill include more info next week when I have more time sorry

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