Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jordan-Well I'm glad you are enjoying your calling   ha-ha tell Jordana I say hello  ya that’s what it's like here too, I was just curious if there was a difference or not. Ya we teach who accepts us. Which isn’t too many people ha-ha we do  we teach and talk with everyone!!  I'm not shy anymore I'll come home a new man ;)  ha-ha  love you too Jordan take care and good luck with classes and all the things you're  doing.  Hey when is your big trip?!?!   I wanna see that weird fish you were talking about catching  love elder weaver
Jax-Hahaha  is your Spanish getting better from watching movies in Spanish?  dang Jax you like the man in the pics mom sent me!  Way to go in your placing!!  And that’s pretty for the shot put! Dang man that’s crazy  your throwing farther than when I was your age!    way to go buddy  ha-ha summon fights huh?  Nice bud  and yes keep me updated about track and school!  How are your grades by the way?    I love you my man and take care of yourself and others around you   love elder weaver

40 pound cat! He is huge!!!
Love that smile!!!

Justin-Ha-ha  what's good what's good my Utah man?!?!!   Easter was good here how was it for you?  Our week was good, nothing too exciting but we went to ATL for pday and walked around a little mall thing that’s underground  and that was fun, we saw and met a lot of interesting people….  One guy tried to give us $100 each (there were four of us)  and we said we couldn’t take his money and he got mad and almost started yelling at us.  Then he told us of his experience in jail and out of nowhere just stops talking and left…  and a lot of people asked us for money and we saw a guy dressed like a women shopping for women's clothing. Talk about uncomfortable… and he kept looking at me and smiling and I smiled back to be nice then he talked and I was like wow you’re a dude (I said that in my head)  then we all left cause we were kinda nervous ha-ha  but the work is still moving along and things are good  well I'm glad I can Morgan laugh ;)  I'm glad you have a good time with her too. Just make sure your staying focused and a little piece of advice, you don’t need a girlfriend to go on a mission,  like don’t go find one before you go just to have one.  hope you understand where I'm coming from on that… next time you see Jared dad tell him I say hi back  and you look good in your track pics!  You look really built and muscled ;) well good job in your track  meet this past week that's awesome bud!!  I know you will qualify for state this week!!   umm advice  for your talk?.... hmmm  share personal experiences but don’t try to be too personal, and share how those things have effected your life and how you will use what you learned in the mission field  and also in life as you go on after the mission   I hope you have a good week too and all goes well in track  and school   take care buddy talk to you later and I'll be waiting for your letter  love you Justin love elder weaver
happy Easter to you too mom :)   oh that sounds good :)   who are the elders in our ward? where are they from?  well... our members are kinda still sleeping through it,,,  but some are waking up and getting better :)   she is coming along ok we were able to stop by and give her a blessing on Thursday and she felt loved and felt God as the blessing was going.  her name is Kay  ha-ha thanks for the prayers ;)   my comp is from Yakama Washington he goes home this June  we get a long pretty good can't complain .........
 ok restart posting ;)  ha-ha  we don't see other missionaries too often we are spread out pretty good  but we talk with our district leader a few time s a day.  he's a cool guy :)  I like him  cooking is going good :)  we make easy quick stuff and we eat what we want to so that's a plus  and we have a lot of healthy food too :)  peppers eggs milk veggies wheat bread coconut rice pasta  protein chicken  so we are pretty well off as far food most days and we eat healthy :) nothing new for Easter just missionary work. we did talk to a guy who has a spiritual following on face book and after we talked to him he asked if he could take a pic with us and post it and he said if any of his followers are interested he will let us know and he took a pic of the BOM and posted it as well :)  so that was pretty cool!!!  :)   this week nothing too exciting happened, just teaching people and talking to as many as possible especially with Easter here now!   I do have pics today no worries  and ill have more next week we are going to stone mountain today   I like that quote too thank you mom,  I am who I am because of the people who raised me ;)  love you mom take care and don’t worry we will be ok J   love elder weaver
Hi dad  
Our week was good we got to see some of the big city and some new places this week  we are slowly but surely making baby steps with them   we are hoping so too!!  Ha-ha the members are great here and I've realized it's got to be hard with 8 full time missionaries in the ward, and we also have a sr couple.  So I have been trying not to be so hard on the ward.  We had a night with 4 cop cars outside our apartment looking for people. They were there all night pretty much  searching for someone. but they never knocked on our door or bothered us  I'm not too worried for my safety..  sometimes I am but little prayers and talking to everyone letting know who we are lets them know we aren’t trouble. I hope it works for everyone.  Ha-ha  we listen all the time and pray before we go somewhere and pray when we get there to make sure that’s where the Lord needs us and we pray for safety ;)  ha-ha  just pray for Abby and Kay and Candace and Steven and Mike  that’s about all I think y'all can do for now..  thanks for your thoughts and prayers and praying for y'all as well and I hope nothing but the best for you.  Be safe in all your doing too   thank you dad  love your son Jace  (elder weaver) ;)
 My comp, Elder Packard

 our ward building
 license plate you will only see in the south
 our apartment-love the redneck flag...

Miss this kid so much!!! So proud of him and the great person he is!! love the advice and time he gives to each of his brothers!  Way to go Jacer-keep head up!

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