Monday, October 20, 2014

Time going fast!

 Great picture!!!
 must be pants he has gotten in the field, they are sooo long, I am pretty sure he hasn't shrunk...
Hey there Elder Weaver!!! I sure hope you had a great week this week! What did you do on Monday? I've had a good week. Work and school is going well. I got together with two of my mission friends on Saturday night, Elders Deal and Decker, we are all from the same generation. We went to Javier's and then went back to Deals place and just chatted about our lives and about the mission. Well I sure love you buddy, keep working hard and enjoy what you are doing.
Love Jordan

Hiya Jace! When you meet your companion and get to know them do you ask their first names? :) are you always called elder weaver or sometimes Jace? My week was ok we played on Wednesday and lost to wahlquist 34-20 but we play them again this week for playoffs! Hoping to do better! Have a fantastic week! Love you

well glad you had a god week!  on Monday we emailed then we went shopping then walked around the mall with the elders in the other ward all day. it was kinda boring... I think I remember Decker... didn't he come home with you same day and everything?  how was the food at Javier's?  I love you too Jordan. I hope you have another good week and take care,  love elder weaver

Jax man  so with your companions you'll eventually find out their first name, we are called Elder the majority of the time. only sister Ferguson calls me Jace when they come down as a family.  now you know what they do so you can come back at them this week!  keep working hard kiddo and I know you'll do great. love you buddy love elder weaver

dad, it has gone by very fast from last week.  so this week we met a guy on Marta who told us he's from Saturn, the planet,... :):)  oh this was good!!!  he goes on to tell us how we are crazy about this God stuff and how we want to become like him and return to live with him, when on Saturn all they think about is being regular humans and being here on earth to experience what we do and how we do it. He gave us his card and told us to look him up on the internet when we can, so when I get home we are going to see this guys videos. :) 
on a spiritual note, I was able to confer a new member to aaronic priesthood yesterday.  we were sitting on the side and a member comes over and says you elders need to sit up front for today  we need you. I thought ok object lesson using the missionaries, then the elders quorum president leans over and says do you know how to confer someone to the office of priest?  my eyes got huge.. I haven't done that yet so I found out how to and asked what his name was and his name is Johna Awenwie Akandje.... he's from Africa... I had to practice that in my head 100 times to make sure I knew how to say it, I thought afterwards how powerful that was for both me and him. to be able to act in the priesthood and to have him know and understand what it is. I thought about that for a long time yesterday and how it must feel to able to do the same thing but for your own sons.  thank  you dad for being able to do that for me in my life and lead by example.  I love you too dad  love your son elder weaver

Mom- I heard about jaxs game, they will come back and win it this week :) I can't believe how fast things are moving... Justin leaves soon and will be in a whole new culture again! ha-ha and snow.. :) ill print off his talk ill make sure of that. that's a lot of people, wow y'all get in early... I'll be try to start setting things up to see people and visit places. as far as hotels I have no idea... where are we going to stay the other nights? I'll start racking my brain of where to go and who to see. would y'all wanna go to the aquarium? there's also the football hall of fame museum here. I'll try to get some ideas. I'm not sure where to go for church.. ysa or Covington? that's what I'm torn between. so will be released on Monday? or have to wait?... I'm am always willing to go through the temple!! :):) we should be able to do that :) would y'all be willing to walk around Atlanta? I can show y'all the area I'm in now, there's a lot of cool things around. y'all tell me what you wanna do and I see that we do it. also we need to ride up and down the largest escalator in Atlanta :):) maybe twice ;) so we saw Leighton last night had a great lesson with him and he wants to start meeting again so keep praying if you would for that to happen, I love you too mom love elder weaver.

I have no opinion on hotels cause I know nothing about the ones here,,, sorry we can do a night in Athens and in Covington, that'd be fun :) I'll keep thinking of stuff

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