Monday, October 27, 2014

short on time...

mom-no the tall guy is the Zone leader that I was with for a week long exchange. :)  they were taken in the church parking lot. :) so I got that suit from another elder and because I've lost weight it fits now, or I guess it's big ;)  haha  so ill send my p[package today  don't be alarmed at how big it is ;) will be looking for y'alls as well :) we met a guy who played for Tennessee volunteers  and he was a cool guy talked to us for 30 min about football and track. we  saw a guy on Marta preaching hell fire and brimstone again,  but this time I recorded it with the camera :D  hahaha I don't know who you're talking about.....  I didn't talk so it might have been for someone else but accidently picked me?...  no trick or treating, we are doin something better, PEOPLE WATCHING ON MARTA!!!   oh its gonna be great :)  I love you too mom  take care  love elder weaver
Dad-I miss you ;)   so last time I saw the bike the seat pole was rusty and the chain was as well, would it be worth sending home?   I bet the U game was fun to watch!  :)  I look forward to seeing y'all running on the field! :)   glad to hear everything is goin good. and that work is coming through. I love you dad  love elder weaver
glad you had a good week :)   1940s cop?  where did you get that outfit?...  nice!  who you sing with? wow  a lot of singing coming up!  sounds like fun :):) will be looking for you in the choir if we can see the devotional :) and ill wave to you ;) hehe  love you Jordan love elder weaver

dang kid!!!  sounds like you had a really good game!  keep working hard like you did this last week and you'll be happy with your results :) good job on the td and the interception!  way to go!! :)   how was the Utah game?  I heard it was a good game!  did you have fun? I love you too buddy love elder weaver

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