Monday, November 24, 2014

have a happy Thanksgiving...

Hey there Elder Weaver!! How was your Monday? Did you do anything fun? So  I sang with the institute choir again today for a multi stake conference, Elder Perry spoke at it was a lot of fun. Our next shows are December 4-5, then the last one on December 16. The 4-5 will be at Weber state, the 16 at temple square. School is going well, I'm excited to go to St. George for Thanksgiving. Love you bud, keep working hard
Love Jordan
st George for thanksgiving huh?  :)  very nice!!   our Monday was good went a helped one of the Zone leaders by a new suit from a guy I've befriended by Georgia state and that was fun. elder Kapishke came and toured our mission. that was fun, it's so crazy to think how human those men are. he was SO FUNNY!!!  my gut hurt the day after. but it was so spiritual at the same time that I was exhausted after the meetings. I'm glad you're enjoying school and all the singing your doing :)  I wish you luck in the next and coming up concerts :)  I love you Jordan  love elder weaver
Hiya Jace! My week was good basketball was ruff because I had to wake up at 5 but other than that it was good. This week for thanksgiving ere goin to Saint George so spend time with grandma and grandpa. Grandpa said he'd actually let me drive his golf cart ;) I'm pretty excited about that! What are you going to do this week for thanks giving? Who are you gonna eat with? Love you
don't go over the speed limit ;)  ha-ha sounds like y'all will have a good weekend vacation :):)   as long as your enjoying basketball keep doing it :)  things you participate in growing up only help you in life in the long run, learning hard work and responsibility, and team work are very key things I've noticed have a big role in my life :)  I love you buddy keep doin good in school and love everyone ;)  love elder weaver

Dad-I'm good today :)  nothing too exciting happened this week. the weather is so cold it's not funny anymore... comp is alright he's trunky out of his mind and its kinda hard some days...
 so for school I was thinking just some basic classes. the only thing I'm worries about is math, because it's been so long and I feel I don't remember too much of it anyways.  maybe something to lead into business/construction management basic classes too? if they even have those.   well seeing coach sounds good. is linehan playing for them?   I will work with Jax that'll be fun. :)   I'm focused on the work we should be baptizing on the 6th if I don't get transferred. so things are going really well.  what day would I start school?
I love you too dad  love elder weaver  
Mom-so brother kisers bday is the 18th and talking with him the other day he would like to meet y'all and have us there to celebrate with him and the family. and I was thinking is we went to the singles ward Sunday and then stopped by Kay Maddox's house that night she wanted to see us too and have a little going away party as well. other than that the only other is seeing Cindy Thomason in Covington she lives right by the Fergusons :):)  other than that I'm easy to do what wherever we are :)   Joshua is doin good we moved his date to the 6 of December. the only time we can meet is on Sundays cause he lives so far away. but are going to do a phone a lesson with him later this week too :):)  there were a ton of people at roys game holy cow!!!!!  who got hurt?  what was final score?   I have one lat package to send home, could you tell me how much money is on my card?  please and thank you,  I found a pic of black Jesus with dread for 35$ :):)  just fyi.   thank you mom for everything I love you too talk to you soon
What doing this week? Want coat?
well its finals so our week might be very bare...  we aren't being fed on thanksgiving so we will probably get fast food... maybe turkey bowl if our ward can get excited about it...  I'll be ok without coat :)
That makes me sad!!! Sorry! How close to mission office? Can you go there? Be careful playing football :) how feeling from that?
we aren't close at all...  we will be careful  the guys are thinking of playing tackle but they don't know I played college ball where in a position I tackle a lot of people ;)   my head is all good now I peeled of scab for meetings

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