Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dad-my comp is about an inch shorter than me________________
work sounds fun!! we live near a fire station and they have HUGE equipment in their back yard I will try and get a pic for you this week.. they have dump trucks like the ones they use in the copper mine... 6 of em :):) so crazy things are going better and I now understand I might need to just give him alone some time alone sometimes so he can do what he needs to do... we just got a car today... for 3 weeks until the next transfer when ever that is... but I think we are still gonna bike to our appointments that are close enough :) I love you dad and thank you for everything!! love your son Jace

Mom-hello :) things are going better! we had dinner at the stake pres house on Easter and his wife has family in Nebraska and said I know someone playing softball there and she said oh that's cool and asked who.. _______________
glad yall have work and things have been going good for yall!! tell Alex Happy Birthday for me too please... yes I am allowed to email back, just if you could give it to some family and friends... thank you
conference was so good yes we saw all 5 sessions we watched it at our ward building with other missionaries in area favorite talk was probably the one by brother Cardon.. :) elder Holland's talk was amazing!! he is always so bold and loving and gets his point across and the importance's of it very good!!! I thought we got a lot of talks on obedience...
sonny dropped us.. we had to drop Khalid... and the women is a less active but her roommate is interested in taking the lessons now and would like to know more.. no baptism this week.. we are now teaching a guy named Craig and he wants to and is trying to quit hi s bad habits :) pics are coming...
bike is doin good enjoying it feel real good no we don't wear suit coats when we ride only for church and district meetings.. our weather has been pretty nice a lot of cold days... eating good and so far only squirrel and rabbit the Rodriguez family said they will make us a stew with pig's feet in it so we can try :) pretty excited for that!! no joke
garments are doin good mesh top and drylux bottoms.. no I haven't spoken in church yet and know I haven't taught any classes yet.. glad your eye is doin good and you're doing good too :) that's good

I got a letter from Devin Cupp this past week :) made me smile :):):):):)

how is the whole family doin? any school contact Justin about playin ball for them? can yall send a cd with the song come thou fount of every blessing???.... George and Lynn also wrote a letter and sent some funny red and rover comic strips too :)

after the Saturday conference I can't remember who spoke but they said to thank your parents for the sacrifices they make while you are out on you remissions.. it was pres Monson ;) so mom, dad thank you for all the sacrifices yall are making for me to be out here in the mission field and all the sacrifices you've made for me in my life here on this earth I realize that without yalls love and support I would not be the man I am today.. thank you so much I love you all and wish yall the best of luck and happiness for the next week ;) love you love elder Jace Weaver xoxoxoxoxoxo

Justin-things are going good and I'm glad ball and track are going for you too! :) we work out every day except Sunday ;) we do it in our apt or we go the tennis courts in our complex :) breakfast is a bowl of cereal with honey drizzled over it :) its really good and a pbj with milk lunch we do whatever eat out sometimes or stay in and do something like leftovers. dinners are normally at members homes and they feed us a ton!! :) I love you bud and miss ya my mobile home boy ;) haha love you Justin love Elder Jace Weaver

Jax-I believe how tall you getting that's crazy! have fun in track :) try the 100 or 200? ;) those are fun keep up all your good work! have you still been thinking about switching schools??

there are bull dogs all over the place and the different companies that own them decorate them in different ways this is Arby's bulldog :)

here's some pics of Christ :) and the school is Beaverdam elementary made me laugh when I saw it :)

this is brother and sister Rodriguez :) they feed us every Friday night :) and have an conversion story! they are very loving and caring people and will do almost anything for anyone in the church :)

it rained for 5 min and our back yard puddled up pretty quick... and the other is a river we live by which had huge trees that had fallen over in it :) pretty cool

this book is by pres Monson I would suggest getting it for yall its got great insight in it :)

This picture was taken the day Jace got to the Mission, Pres and Sister Wolfert...

do you remember how I can change some things on my mormon.org profile? I was thinking I could expound on some things... I think yall should make one and share as much as possible on it.. met someone the other day who was converted after reading a friends profile... you never know you could change someone's life ;)

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