Monday, April 1, 2013

Love you, love Elder Weaver

Dad-life is good comp things are difficult.. bike is good the back tire though doesn't look like it lines up strait with the whole frame I took it apart and looked at it and everything is still in contact and working just noticed it... dad you asked 3 questions don't be sorry you think you asked too many questions.. ask more!! :) I'm glad work is going good and y'all are happy :) I can't wait to come back and work!! I feel too clean... hahaha :) love you dad love your son Elder Weaver

Mom-2 Nephi 11:11 talks about Christ drinking the bitter cup and as the chapter goes on it never says that Christ turned bitter. :) that's you mom as you did not let this trial make you bitter and you had little to no pain!! awesome!! :) I'm glad y'all could go to church together and have everyone there.. almost everyone.. ;) haha Easter was amazing here! so many people asked us to go over for dinner and we went to our stake presidents house and ate with him and his family I had a crazy head ache like to the point I was getting sick I could not eat.. the stake pres said I could go lay on there guest bed and rest... I slept for 1 hour :) felt pretty good :) glad Jax has all 10 toes still!;) haha

answers to questions....we have surveys to take sometimes and they take 20 min. kinda no fun ;/ oh well Maddi is hand writing me and Nikki is too Billie hasn't for awhile and tha'ts all who hand write me..,
we have an idea about transfers every 6 weeks we don't know how long we will be in an area we pass out cards to everyone we see walking as we are riding so a lot of people.. ;)

Our P-day schedule....pray schedule
Work day-wake up, pray, pray over breakfast, pray for personal study, pray before comp study, pray before lunch, pray before we leave apt., pray before and after lessons, and or dinner :)
Sundays we wake up get ready go to church welcome people in and shake hands after church we go over to an elderly lady house and play rummikub for a bit then we share a message and after that we go tract or follow up with potential invest. :)
no we don't do fhe :(
we are only teaching two people right now the lady with the smoking addiction and sunny the guy with the baptism date.. he has dropped us the past week and didn't come to church Sunday but we are still trying to get in with him..not too much to tell sorry ;/
ward members are awesome and love to feed us, its going good without a car...
service is just cleaning stuff and moving some people in or out of the ward so it's like I'm back home moving people still ;)
love you mom!! hope y'all  keep having work and success and fun and safety!!
HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!! love you, love elder weaver

Jax-hahahahahahahahahhhahahahaha I thought you were serious about your toe! ha-ha good one I'm glad you healing good and mom could spoil you some more;) ha-ha keep up your good work and fun love you bud :) love elder weaver (Jax had ingrown toenail removed and pulled an April fools, saying they had to take the toe...)

Jordan-so you just have all the fun when I leave don't ya? all these parties and what nots... cool bro ;) haha that's  awesome you only have 2 weeks left!! keep working hard and have fun!! haha love you Jordan :) love elder weaver ( Jordan will graduate from LDS Business College, on the 12th, with Associates in Business Management)
Justin-I'm glad spring break was good for you! glad you got tan too... I have to wear a shirt all the time... :/ have fun at 6 am it's the last ones you'll ever go to! ;) I'm goin good having some success thank for my calves ;) love you Justin keep up the hard work and have fun with everything!! love elder weaver

with the rules changing we can have other people email us besides family so I don't know if you want to have other people email me or what I just thought I'd let you know :) 
I love that he writes each one of us, and the "love you"s, great man! Love you too, Elder Weaver
*note to Mom, need to go back when publishing and add rest of letter :), he sounds good, working hard, so proud of you Jacer, hang in there, keep chin up....

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