Monday, April 29, 2013

day #98, but who's counting-MOM!

Jax-I'm doing good how are you buddy? he is doin' good :), hey are you having fun in track? that's all that matters! :) your doing something I didn't do when I was 7th grader! :) I love you bud I hope you have a good day and keep working hard in school!! ;) I love you bud love Elder Weaver

Justin-you know you'll miss 6 am's ;) I went to only a handful and I didn't even have to but I miss em :P haha good job in track my man!! keep up the hard work and keep improving and no matter what stay positive! when you get negative that's when things go bad.. so stay happy with your efforts always! maybe help jax out a lil bit? with his starts or finishes or maybe both? but stay close to him and help him and when he switches schools you need to protect him and be his friend more than ever! alrighty?;) I love you my friend and hope you have a great week of school and track and football!!!!!! hahaha :) love you brotha and with trek coming up, you've already been on one and know how it feels and how things go, so try and help those around you feel the same thing you felt on your first one :) sot with your family and help as much as you can and be an example of reverence and happiness,, help other remember those who walked to path y'all will be walking and the price they had to pay for this beautiful gospel.. ;) love you big guy! :) Love Elder Weaver

Dad-I'm glad to hear y'all had a good week!! :) I will get back on my bike no worries ;) my new comp who I will get on wed. is from Salina Utah and he played football in school :) he's a cool guy we have played ball a couple of times on p-days :) we will be biking a lot and I'm staying in the same area here in Athens :) excited~!!!!! I'm glad y'all had the chance to meet the guy from 17 miracles :) that's awesome :) I hope y'all prepare for the boys to go on trek that y'all come a little closer as a family unit :)
things are going good :) my comp is good :) we are getting a long good and things are going very well :) I am loving it very much! I thank y'all so much for everything y'all do for me as a family :) don't tell anyone but for some reason I cry when I read y'alls letters ;') haha
 I miss this time of year very much... I've felt like being a coach is going to be very good for me! I really wanna help little kids and other teens get better at what they love doing in sports ( football) maybe all of us could start a little team or something and all of us coach?;) I'm glad I could help out with moms talk I didn't really give her anything good to use tho... but I'm glad it went good!! :) dad I hope you have a great day and a week coming up :) I love you dad your awesome :) love your son Elder Weaver

Mom-my toe is alright it's getting better :) no worries ;) I am staying here in Athens for this next transfer my new comp is elder hales he is from Salina Utah and is a really cool guy played football and wrestled so I'm excited will be able to lose some weight with him I am weighing around 240 right now just waiting to lose some muscle mass and work off the fat ;) hopefully I'll come back home looking how I was mid season of football ;) haha the lady from Kenya dropped us her sister said to stop coming she doesn't like the church anymore and wants nothing to do with it...:/ dang oh well the work must go on! :) can you send me a copy of your talk? I would like to read it :) I didn't make people cry you did mom! :) good job on your bike race!1 that's awesome!! I'm glad hear the dog is doing good as well and is still alive! when I got the pic of him the thought crossed my mind... he's dead... but he's not :) so good :) haha I did get your package thank you so much!! and yes sister Rodriguez loved the necklaces!!! :) she wanted to call you and talk to you and see how you made them so show might send you a message on fb sometime? I'm not sure.. :) mother's day we will know about when it gets closer pretty sure we will Skype from our complex and have time :) your sister has emailed me :) that's really the only other person who has emailed me can y'all give frank jugler my address I feel I need to see how he is doing and if I can help in anyway.. thank you :) my comp is going good he is dealing with his mom very well and we can talk about it now and he is ok with things :) he is almost at his year mark sometime next month I think :) no new investigators this past week.. no tour of the football stadium yet we need to find the guy and talk with him! :) hahahahahahaha I'm glad you think about me with the allergy commercials! hahaha made me laugh pretty good!! :):) I'm doing good on contacts don't need new yet but might in a couple weeks but will let you know :) I love you mom and I'm glad you are doing good how has your eye turned out? :) I hope you have a good week and have fun :) I love you mom so much :) love Elder Weaver

just got done reading talk!! holy cow that was good! i love you mom hey can y'all send me maybe a copy of the quote at the end of act of valor to post on my wall above my desk? please and thank you :) i love y'all so much :) in alma 49 it talks about how alma was preparing for war and how every time they went to war they astonished the enemy with how prepared they were id encourage y'all to read it :) find out what the enemy was astonished about and why. and apply to yourself personally as you are preparing against the enemy Satan.. I love y'all and wish you all the best this up coming week love your man Elder Jace Weaver :)

p.s. dang dad looking good cutting that there pipe ;) haha be safe y'all!

Jordan I didn't hear from you... hope you're doing good and living ;) haha I love you bro :) love Elder Weaver
Love all of the smiley faces, hopefully a sign of him being happy!  I got to speak in sacrament meeting with three other missionary moms in our ward, I read snippets from his letters and I am so grateful to be his mom!  I am so proud of him and his attitude! I am overwhelmed by his growth and the blessing that is ours to be his parents! Truly inspired with words for his brothers this week.....
Thanks again for all love and support!  Keep those letters comin!

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