Monday, April 22, 2013

work hard, finish strong!

Dad, Goooooood Afternoon for me to you ;) ha-ha that's awesome y'all are doing so good! I'm glad work is going great and your staying busy! and that you staying safe on your bike! :) we haven't been on our bikes in a few weeks cause we have a car now... kinda stinks... oh well and I don't ever think my calves will anywhere close to yours ;) maybe if I got implants... please share with the ward how I love them and appreciate them and all that do for me and our family... I'm about to cry now reading about the family in ward paying that much money me.... I feel so much love for everyone in the ward right now and I miss them all so much! please tell them thank you,,, dad I love you very much and I miss you too in a good way as well :) I hope you have a great week and stay safe and happy :) love your son Elder Jace Weaver

Mom, I loved chatting with you online too!! maybe send them a message on fb ;) they would love to talk you! I'm so glad sister Peterson is going good!! I miss seeing her and helping her around the house... dang that's crazy about y'alls bike race I'm so glad everyone was safe! dad you are becoming the next lance Armstrong!!! minus the dope ;) ha-ha that's awesome dad way to go!! :) the Boston bombing was very sad... we heard about it from some members and saw some news on a TV the other day... super sad... I have a scripture for y'all too! psalms 35 the whole chapter it's like 25 verses but read it and stop and ponder about it then apply to you because how can we really understand scriptures if we can't find personal meaning for ourselves ;) I'm sorry about grandpas Steve's brother... isn't he the one with the towing company? i hope all goes well, and don't forget about the plan of salvation :) all will well in the end :) good luck everyone in your track meets this week!! work hard and finish strong!

the work is going great! met a lady from Kenya Africa wed. and she was amazing!! such a great spirit and a willingness to come closer to her father in heaven we are going back tomorrow or wed. again to visit and teach her :) words of inspiration for our talk... live a life worth reliving... ;) don't wait for things to happen MAKE them happen, god will help and is willing to us all we need but only if we ask first and sincerely and worthy... l I hope that helps some.... thank you for sending the cd! and didn't you say something about sending something for the Rodriguez?... found out transfers are next week on the 1st :)

well that's all I have to say need anything else I will be happy to help with anything and everything that I can! :) stay safe and remember when life gets too hard to stand, kneel ;) love you mom love your son Elder Weaver

well.... I get all excited hoping to see this HUGE letter from Justin... ;) just kidding bud I love you and I'm sorry you've been sick,, I hope you get better... :):) how's football going and how's track?? how's the dating life too? ha-ha I love you Justin weaver :) love your bro Elder Jace Weaver
Jax, YOU LUCKY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH I COULD MEET ERIC WEDLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMYBE SEND HIM MY WAY WHEN YALL ARE DONE WITH IIM ?!?!?!?!?!!? ;) hey just have fun in track it's ok to come in last I would come in last in the 200 as well,,, maybe ask Fine Unga if you can start running with him? :) its fun cause you get to cross the finish line and say I almost won ;):) at least that's what I do :):)):) ha-ha I'm glad your reading again :P ha-ha keep preparing for trek read the Book of Mormon and think of the things the early saints went through as they were coming to Utah :) it'll make your experience that much better! and when you get the opportunity to bear your testimony do it and go up there and speak from your heart just stay calm and don't rush ,, take your time and enjoy it! :) I love you bud and hope you like the car I'm gonna send you today :) it's a good one! I love you buddy hope all is well and have a good week!! love elder weaver

this is the car we saw as we were leaving the library last week :) i could probably pick it up ;) h-aha

this is the construction going on behind the fire station by our place. :)
this is me gardening for service :)

some before and pictures of what we did that day :) well what i did,, my comp was working on his project :) my back was pretty tight after ;)

this is a pic of our walk way to our apartment... that lighter stuff by the wall is all pollen!! there's so much pollen here that you can see it on cars and when you look down the road you see yellow!!!! so crazy!!!

 this is a field of yellow flowers that we passed by on our way to service,,, crazy stuff made me think of Horton hears a who and the fields of pink flowers ;)

i have an ingrown toe nail..... ouch...

 this is a hat i got the other day at the mall $7 :)
it says ganm on the back! Georgia Atlanta North Mission;)


this is a statue by the football field that we saw the other day and had to stop for a pic :) makes me the old days of being a royal
BBQ Chicken and Rice-Yum!

No wonder he looks so healthy :)!

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