Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doin good.....

Jordan- things are going great!!! I'm glad you had a great time with Jordana and your graduation partying!!!;) ha-ha that's awesome well I have some stories :) a member in our ward brother Ingerson and his wife had a baby boy about three weeks ago and we went over to see how everything was going and asked what his name was and he told us and then he said they were seriously thinking about naming Fetuli Weaver :):) I almost had a baby named after me!!!!! :D ha-ha keep up all the fun and love and your grad pic made me laugh pretty good ;) nice work Jordan I love you bro love Elder Jace Weaver

Justin-my mobile home boy :) wazz up!! 4.75?!?!?!?!?! (Justin's time for the 40 yard dash, football training) DANG!!!!!!! that's crazy fast kid! way to go man :) I'm glad your liking football and enjoying yourself so much :) keep doing it!! never give up on yourself and remember nothing is impossible the word its self says I'm possible ;) how's dating going? how's the car ;) we probably do about 35 miles a day on our bikes on a good day ;) haven't seen anything going on with bulldog football but we might be able to get a tour of the stadium soon a guy in our ward works as a grounds keeper and said he could take us no problem :) don't eat too much of the at candy ;) ha-ha m glad I could help you with my letter and I'm glad your going good l love you buddy :) love Elder Jace Weaver

Jax-I'm goin good bud how are you doing? my comp is good. I don't know who is stronger Jax :) I am cause I can lift more ;) I wish I could watch your 7 on7 stuff I'm glad the show was so good and its now your favorite :) how many girls did you dance with at the stomp?? learning about the pioneers is very interesting and a good knowledge to have as you become a missionary :) my comp isn't an eagle scout... sorry bud... you try a blood drive putting a flagpole at another ward building... neighborhood clean up... I don't know sorry man.. ha-ha until next time :) I love you bud Love Elder Jace Weaver

hi mom :) tell everyone I say hello :) that's exciting about Austin! I'm almost there (one of the Elders from our ward will be home in July, only like 80 something days, almost the same as Jace has into his ;)) ha-ha maybe Bonneville will be able to do something with their team this year? (another coach, makes 4 in 4 years) maybe... _____ is bipolar and has dropped our appointments the past couple times.. but we still talk with him on the phone, the hospital lady _______ yes we still meet with her.. she won't stop smoking and won't come to church so our meetings with her can be frustrating sometimes... oh well were trying :) I hope I can give you something worth telling in your talk on 28th... ;) I don't have anything for you now.. sorry

I will have the Rodriguez's email y'all this week and y'all can chat :) they have one son.

by mother's day I might have a new comp transfers are may 8th... maybe.. we will see I'm glad y'all liked the pics I don't have any pics this week I forgot my cord at the apartment... sorry mom :( the weather is really weird here it'll be hot and sunny all morning and in the evening huge massive rain storm comes out of no where... crazy, ha-ha thanks for all you love and support I love you all very much and I miss y'all like crazy!! thanks for the prayers and everything you do :) love you mom love Elder Weaver

the work is goin good :) I'm glad work is going good and I wish the weather would clear up for you... I have to say though... those freezing cold wet muddy miserable days at work.. are the most memorable for me dad,, and it might be the same for your other sons.. ;) I saw Billy last Monday when we went down to mission office to pick up the car, he is doing good and is still super awesome as ever!! :) I love you dad and I hope the best for you this coming week and all the adventures you will have! love your son Elder Jace Weaver

I jumped on to send a picture…and got him, we chatted for a bit….
Love you! Snowing today so I know what you mean by crazy weather! Would you like to be transferred? No right or wrong answer....
You doin ok?

I would like to stay here for maybe one more transfer but it would fun and exciting to be somewhere new :) I'm doing pretty good how y'all doing?

Good...dad and Jordan out looking at jobs, dad needs to get DOT physical, I'm cleaning house and making banana bread...we are going to see Carolyn Peterson tonight for FHE...she called Saturday to ask about you...such a cute lady! How was church yesterday?

oh good glad y'all have things to keep busy.. I miss her so much... we have old ladies in the ward but none of 'em like the ones back home.. real quick I tried to use my debit card the other day and it said I used the wrong pin... I think I used the right one but I'm not sure now.. sorry church was good brother and sister Rodriguez spoke about the word of wisdom it was REAL GOOD :) how was for y'all?

Pin...****? Try today and if I don't see a transaction ill call the bank and see what's up....our church was ok...really liked going to legacy house with dad while I had black eye...neat spirit there!

ok ill try that I thought it was **** but I'll try **** :) I see what you saying about legacy compared our ward.. I understand too because the people in legacy are so close to being back in the presence of our father in heaven that his spirit really dwells there...
:) so what's plans for today?

play some basketball or volleyball at the church and then we don't have anything planned after that so we might do our laundry... we couldn't do it this morning we had to take the sisters shopping... what about y'all?

Prepare a lesson for tonight and post your blog :) finish house cleaning....snowing pretty good now I expect dad and Jordan home soon-

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me ;) means a lot! Love you, be safe in your adventures and I'll be looking to see if card worked ;)
Proud of you, keep chin up and love it! Have a super week!
Love mom!

oh fun! :) I kinda miss the snow... ha-ha i still have 1 hour if ya wanna keep talking? I will try card and see what happens :) tell dad and Jordan I said hello ! :)
Will you get in trouble? I don't understand missing the snow :) I'm just a baby I guess too cold for me! Who do you play ball with? How come you had to take sisters shopping?

no I won't get in trouble.. not having any snow I miss it.. ha-ha we play ball with other missionaries and sometimes ward members from the UGA branch come and play too... because we have a car and they don't... the sisters aren't too nice either, ha-ha :)

So how long will you have car?
Have you heard if the new Georgia Macon mission will affect you and your mission?
In track the other day Justin took 3rd in 200, his farthest throw for jav was 125 but he scratched....we don't know how he did on the 100, never heard results, coaches and Ryan the trainer ask about you, and Puzey, so many nice people out there...
I don't mean for this to be racist but what nationality do you see the most of? Around town and in ward?

until the next transfer. we haven't heard too much about it but we all think it will they might be pulling missionaries out of Atlanta into Macan...
wow that's awesome for him! (Justin) I love all the people out there and will you tell them hello for me :) thanks mom
around town black people, in the ward it white people but we have a few black people, :) no worries it wasn't racist :)

Guys just walked in ill let them say howdy ;) Hey there goofy boy!!!! How goes it?
it goes pretty good how are goin Jord? :)

It's going Great. I'm pretty sure you guys aren't supposed to drive with the sisters,
they got permission from the zone leaders on Saturday.. ;)

right on that's awesome!! I'm glad for you!! I can check it yes why? I just changed my back ground pic ;) wanted something with all us boys in it ;)

People ask me all the time what kind of religion you run into the most?
umm... not one specific... just Christians... they say they have been reborn.. people don't really have a specific religion they just attend the closest church... doesn't really make sense to me... oh well;)

You mentioned the idol worshipped once, :? Any bible bashing? Do you go door to door? Lots of college students? Are you in college ward?
people worship idols.. but do so just because they want to, I don't think they have any specific reason... not too much bible bashing but it happens and it kind of sucks cause I don't how to bash very well yet.. but my comp says don't worry it'll come with experience ;) ha-ha we go door to door quite a bit but no one is ever interested and sometimes people drive by and yell mean things at us.. it's funny tho :) they yell hail satan and things like that :) ha-ha there are a few college students but there are in our ward and have families of like 3 or 4 kids and a lot of em are from Utah :) so that's fun no we are not in a college ward the sisters on campus are in the the UGA branch :)

did anyone new email you?
How are you for time?

Well maybe time up ;) goes to show you how quickly things change! Never have my regrets! Love you Elder Weaver! God bless you, keep you safe and lead you to those that are searching!!!
Love you-mom and dad

Love technology, thanks to all of you that take the time to read his letters and write to him, and remember him in your prayers….We appreciate all of your love and support!

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