Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a good week!

Mom-hello!!  my week was a good one!  how was y'alls? no pics today I can't find my little cord thing to plug into the computer...  sorry  how is sweet Bete doin??   she tell you about the blessing we gave her?? Jace withdrawals??  I love you too mom. work is going good!  days are getting longer and hotter!!  life is going good and i love here in Georgia!!  the weather is HOT!!!!!  I don't like that... :/  my comp s awesome!!  such a good guy! we hand out a ton of cards! 2 new investigators that are meeting with this week and planning on the meetings going good! :) the zone conference was good!  there were a ton of good talks!!  I forgot a pad of paper and pen so I couldn't take notes... tell the Daines I say hello! and tell Scott Barker as well please.. :)   tell sister Arevelo I say hi and ask if Steph would write me?   I wish I could go swimming so bad!!  it's crazy hot here!...  dang  sounds like y'all will have a lot of fun this summer and not a dull moment!  crazy fun stuff!  poor dog...   it's his time and I hope he goes peacefully.. n he will be missed.....   crazy how Grandma Jo has been gone for 14 years...I remember watching movies with her in her bed... Helaman 5 is a good one!  I will read it and use it!  I love you to mom and hope y'all have a great week and be safe in all your activities...  love elder weaver

Tell Grandma Pat thanks for everything!

On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 9:22 PM,
Hey buddy. It's been an interesting week for me. I just found out that one of my companions from the mission died today from cancer. And everyone I know has been talking about it. Just goes to show that life is short and that we need to live it to our fullest potential. I'm surprised you haven't been getting my e-mails. I've sent you one every week. But o well. Hope you are enjoying the mission and staying strong. Love ya bud.   Jordan
Jordan I'm so sorry you comp from the mission past away..  I don't know how i would react..  you spend so much time with a person and get to know them very well and all of a sudden  they have passed on...   I'm sorry Jordan alma 40;11-15  talks about the spirit world and how their souls are in gods care...    I love you bro and hope your life is going good and your enjoying it!  love elder weaver

Dad- weeks are starting to go faster and faster and faster it seems like..  the work is going good!! riding the bike everyday!!!  and it's working great!  thank you so much!  Tuesday we cast out some devils from a ladies apartment..  that was a fun experience :)... one thing that really ticks me off is that honk to get our attention and then flip us the bird or say really mean things out the window..  or both at the same time...  just really starting to get on the nerves.. that's a lot of work in Roy!  sounds like fun! work is probably the thing I miss the most....   biking is more fun then I thought..  I never thought I'd like to bike and I kinda do now,...   dad I love you I hope you know I  appreciate all that you've helped me accomplish in my life..  I love you dad and I hope you have a good week,  love elder weaver

On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 11:03 AM:
Hey there big guy! Hope things are going good!!! At the closing assembly I got the football passed. Down to me.... :) we have 7 on 7 practice tomorrow and it is all starting up!!!!!!!! :) :)  I lettered in track.... Our year books are pretty cool this year.... It's summer!!! Things are going good for me!!! How is the comp?? And how is the food?? Is a lot of it deep fried? Having success??? :) I went on splits again and we went to this couple that is inactive and the husband believes or thought that god came down had sex with marry and that's how Jesus came to be... But the elder I was with cleared that up very clear and they want to keep seeing the missionaries and get active again! Love ya Jace hope you're having a great time!

I'm doin' good how are you doin' buffy?;)  who passed down the football to you? :)   that's awesome!!  nice work on lettering in track! that's awesome man!   the comp is good!!   the food is good :)   not too much deep fried stuff  I thought we'd have a lot more stuff like that but we don't...   I guess that's good cause we won't get as fat from all the fried food! ;) having good success :)   I am laughing hysterically about your experience with the less active...  that's funny!   how did the missionary clear it up? I love you to Justin and hope you keep up the good work and never give up on anything or anyone..  love your mobile home boy elder jace weaver

On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 11:30
Hey I'm good school is over!!!! And I'm so excited to start football at Sandridge :)  my year book is so full that one person had to right on the back of it!!  Football starts soon and I'm kinda nervous cuz I won't have any friends so... I'm doing my eagle project on communities that care and its pretty much dare but there is going to be a booth at terrace day and I have to run it and I get to be in the parade and stuff!!! Love you love Jax Ren Weaver

man you are one cool kid!!  I had tons of space in my book left over that  no one would sign..  oh well   and don't worry about making friends at the new school look at how new friends Justin and I have!   but you gotta try and make 'em   they won't just come running to you, you need to do your best and be good friend to everyone you meet no matter what!   cool man you r gonna be in the parade!!   be safe and have fun in the parade!  sounds fun!!  :)  throw some candy my way! ;)    good luck bud and i love you have a good day and week my friend,   love elder weaver

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