Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Letters from 14th….we were on our 25th Anniversary Cruise so I didn’t post that day……

Mom-sweet Bete's was good!  yes the sisters were there all of em were skyping their families at the same time.  so sweet Bete brother Wright ( her husband)  talked and had a good time.   the rabbit and squirrel were really good!!  we had a lot of rabbit and the squirrel was falling off the bone!!  so good
Moroni 9, the whole chapter is very disturbing  but the last two verses are very comforting..    the primary kids sang that was it..  it was good!  we had an investigator there ( not the one we were hoping to have, but still it was good to have him there!!) we cleaned our apartment real good cause the general authority that is coming is going to inspect some apartments...  and we don't know if it's ours or not,  so we would rather be safe than sorry...   no pics today.. yes still trying to get field tour! can't find the guy the we need tho... thanks mom. I hope yall have a time on your vacation and be safe!   I love yall   talk to ya next week  love Elder Weaver
you know Nikki wasn't trying to do anything wrong,,  she's trying to be supportive and helpful..  I wish yall would be alright with that...  but I am trying to understand where yall are coming from..   I love you so much have a good week on the cruise!  love Elder Weaver
Jax-I'm good how are you?  my comp is good! :) I will have fun with him cause we get along rally good!   I wish I could swim!!!!!   it would be so nice here on the hot humid summer days! it's so hard to try and cool down!  it's crazy...  when are you making the move to Sandridge??   are you talking to the coaches at all about anything??   i love you too bud  i hope you have a good week and stay safe!  love Elder Weaver
Dad-read genesis chapter 19.. not the whole chapter only to about 16 or 17...    we can't stay thinking about our past, the longer we stay in the past the slower we progress forward.   we live and learn trials come up and plans change..   stop regretting what you didn't do and look at what you did do, and have done and will continue to do!  I wont im anymore..  and I understand where yall are coming from about Nikki..  but I think its kinda hard for yall to say to not think about life after the mission..  I feel I need to..  I've planned my life around and based on serving a mission, now that I am here  I need to keep planning ahead and at least get an idea of what I can do when I get home and have hopefully several options open so I have a choice or two to choose from...  I'm sorry for thinking into the future but I would rather do it over a space of time instead of rush it at the last min....  sorry  dad thank you so much for all the love and support that you have given to me while I've been growing up!  I hope you know you are a great father and husband!   I quote I have in my preach my gospel in the Christlike attribute section under humility is " being humble isn't thinking less of yourself, its thinking less about yourself"...   idk why but I felt I needed to share that with you, and I hope you will not be upset with me about it or be offended...   I love you so much dad and I wish and pray only the best for you,   love Elder Weaver
Justin-waz up my man!!  I'm doing good my friend!!  I'm glad you had the experience you did with the missionaries on splits!1  that's awesome!! good job in track as well  that's awesome stuff!!  keep up the good work in the weight room and it pay off in the season! ;)   my comp is really chill we get a long real good and we  like a lot of the same things!  stay safe and don't have too much fun while mom and dad are gone!;)   love you my man  love Elder Weaver

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