Wednesday, May 1, 2013

over for dinner...

Hello Sister Ross,
My name is Natalie McQuay. I'm from the Athens 1st Ward where your son is serving right now. My husband and I just had your son and his mission companion, Elder Fetuli, over for dinner this evening. We took this picture with the two of them and Elder Weaver thought you would appreciate a copy of the picture. Your son is a joy to have in the ward! He is always so friendly and welcoming whenever we see him on Sunday and we loved having him over for dinner tonight. He ate plenty of food and we sent both elders home with leftovers. Thank you so much for sending your son on a mission. My sister-in-law is on a mission right now and I remember when my brother served a few years ago so I know it is often difficult to be away from your missionary. Elder Weaver is doing great work and we love him!
Thanks!  I love to do this for the Elders we have ;) Karma...

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