Tuesday, May 21, 2013

well I didn't get anything from Jordan or dad...  I hope yall doing good and have a good week of work and fun,  stay safe and if you can send some pics of the things yall are workin on?  love you guys,
love elder weaver

Mom-wow sounds and looks like y'all had a good time on your cruise! glad you're all safe and had fun.  zone conference was good and yes I saw my friend from svu  he has gained 25 pound in the 2 weeks he has been here...  yes I also saw elder Edmunds he's doing good.  the reason I am thinking about thing so much is because I wanna weigh my options while I'm out and choose the best for me when I get home.. sorry how personal our emails were it won't happen anymore..  the scriptures and prophets also to plan ahead and be ready for the future events, you can never be too prepared...  I will start reading alma 26 in my personal study and get back to you next week on it..  no tornado watches.. I haven't gotten anything from frank yet, but you should know too you check my email too... I'm glad he reads the blog,, there's a lot of people here that it too..  and they tell me about it as well,,,  I would like for you to go on please delete the comment you made about a girl emailing me more y'all and the whole momma bear being fierce...    a lot of people here thought was pretty brutal...   I know y'all are watching out for me and only want the best for me and I am working my hardest and doing my best  I quote from zone conference  my very best is enough for the lord.  I am doing my very best.   ---------------- I'm happy yall haven't forgotten about me and are concerned for  me but I am 2000 miles away and there is no way anything is going to happen between me and her cause we are so far away...  I don't why yall can't give her a chance...  that's a problem we run into all the time meeting people  is that they won't let us talk to them  because they think we are jws or think we a cult,  they won't let us share a message about Christ restored gospel and how it can and will bless their lives...  there's nothing wrong with trying...    well I hope this doesn't make upset or mad, cause this is coming straight from me and me only...  I love you mom and ill talk to you next week  
love elder weaver

Justin- I weigh 245..  good luck with max week  when it's to heavy put a little more on and do it again..  I never got a letter from him...   did he send it to the right place??   that's awesome about that school in Cali!  look em up?   you thinking of going there??  how is there team look??   the last of school is always the worst....    there's never anything to do but you still have to go...   I love you too Justin and I am losing myself in the work no worries.    love you bud  love elder weaver

Jax-I'm doin good how are you?  my comp is doing good and so is sweet Bete! have fun on y'alls hike and watch out cougars! ;)  riding the bike everyday is alright  we stop a lot to talk to people walking around and we share a short message with them.  no he did not inspect our apartment!  but it was super clean so he would have liked it.     haha   love you Jax   love elder weaver

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