Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day is coming :)

Jax-good job in track my man!!  that's super exciting!!  I knew you could do it!! :)   my new comp is awesome  we have a ton in common and we get along really well!!  I might be a little stronger then he is  but I don't know ;)  ha-ha   have fun on your camp out and with y'alls square dancing stuff :):)  ask a cute girl ;)  ha-ha   love you Jax   love Elder Weaver
Mom-we kinda have to call later in the day cause we have church in the morning and lunch right after...   would y'all just wanna talk on the phone?  I don't know how we are gonna Skype or do that...  my comp and his family are gonna Skype at 7 Utah time..   so I don't know...   sweet Bete said she loved talking to you and is planning on writing you a letter?  I think..   that's awesome Yahaira got her mission call here!  that's exciting!   mom  she's just a sister in the district..  there's nothing going on, I am focused,  don't worry,   tell Justin Longhurst to send me an email I'd love to hear from him!!  I'm excited he's moving back in the ward!!  fun fun!  comp is great,  work is getting better, and I'm staying focused!    thanks mom   love you   talk to you next week  love Elder Weaver

We could Skype too if want too...dad and I are going on anniversary trip and are leaving at 3:30 Utah time so can you give us a time for sure? What time is your church? Could we do before so we don't miss each other? Need a time ;)

I might cry if we face time  so let's do a phone call ;)  my comp said he is ok if we face time or Skype later on in the week if we would like to?
like call on the phone for an hour?  we have to be at church at 8;45 to set stuff up....   after church could work...  it would just be a phone call though...

church is from 9 to 12 lunch is at the place we ate rabbit at 1:30ish...we can try and do it early morning?...

Or right after your church from 12:30 - lunch appointment
So what time? Or do you want to do Mother's Day call Saturday night and Face Time? Is that legal?

we can Skype Saturday night!  its legal cause I say so!   so we will Skype Saturday night!   8 o'clock my time?   or y'all need later??

Great!  So 8:00 pm your time Saturday night right?....great very excited!!! Hope day going well! Forward me a copy of pres letter if remember? Need to get a pic of you and sweet bête together ;) love you!
I'll send my letter to mission pres if I can get it to work...  it won't pull up now...    but still trying..  yes Saturday night  if that's ok with everyone else?  what's everyone else plans?
how come not everyone emailed me?? 

Jordan said forgot, Justin said he was going to from his iPod....dad did I thought....did you get one from him? Saturday is great we will be here :)

 Yea!!!! Super!!! Do you have a number for us to call or are you gonna call us? 
well our missionary phone number is 706 ******* :)  whenever you wanna call we will answer ;)  ha-ha   is that what you meant?

No I meant for Skype on Saturday ;)

oh!!!!   my bad   umm I will call y'all    but I might phone call to get things situated and figure things out?  that ok?

I only got Jax's and yours mom...    got to go  talk to y'all Saturday!  love you   god bless   love ELDER WEAVER
So I looked in his in box to see about Ross's letter and found that he has been chatting with girl, more than me, makes me feel bad, thought I was the only girl in his life right now....:)  I should be!  Excited to Skype with him in a few days!  Got an email from his comps mom, says that Elder Hales and Jace have a lot in common and he loves him!  I'm excited for new comp too, maybe more work and structure, he only had an hour on computer today, before he had 2 hours and I thought too long, distractions.....
Also got a call from Sweet Bete on last Saturday, she is a lady in their ward that takes great care of the missionaries! God bless her for her service, she is such a sweet thing to my Jace and he loves her, sounds like he can tell her anything...she doesn't like that he has a girl either! :)  Hope that he can stay focused on the work and leave other things behind for the next 20 months! Hint Hint!!!  He needs spiritual influences not influences of opposition in his life right now!  Sorry Mom, venting!  I love him, and the mother bear in me is loving too! :)

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