Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Email came Thursday, August 29th, love the surprise emails!

i was able to get it work thank you...(debit card) so we got permission today to email home right quick to let yall know we need temple clothes asap  for this months temple visit..  so if y'all could send me some that would be awesome  thank you so much  i love yall   have a good day   love elder weaver 

from September 3rd, because no email on Labor Day…. 
Hey hey!! We beat Weber! 17-14 and I played the whole game! But after the game holy cow was I feeling sore!!!! And my ribs were way tender.... I rushed for about 100 yards and made 6 tackles..but I only played the second half on defense.. So I didn't score... But I ran good.. This week we have Fremont at Fremont... After the game the crowd rushed the field and as I was going through the line slapping hands.. These little league kids came up and started to slap my Hand on the other side... Then when I got done with the hands, the little kids were too shy so there dads had to come up and say hi first and they told me I played great, and then the little kids came up and I asked them what position they played and if they were going to kick butt in their next game... And then a kid said, your tall! Will you pick me up so I can see how tall you are? Ha-ha his dad said no.. So I didn't.. Ha but it was just kind of nice... Ha I was tackling a kid and my helmet came off and I got the kids cleat to my face....So I look kind of cool.... Ha it hurt real bad...
But then the next day I went to Bonneville's homecoming with Baylee Midgley 

This is what I looked like after the game..

We didn't have school today!!! Hallelujah!!! :) :)
oh and dad did some stuff to the car for my birthday.... :) :) :) :) :)
Like the rims??

Dance pic

And Jerico loves and misses ya.... He's doing pretty good..

Love ya Jace... That's all I got for ya this week... Hope things are going good for ya and you got that baptism.. :) love you lots -Justin

Justin-holy cow kid!!!!   are you gonna be ok?    do you need a new helmet?...  can you see from you r eye?...  good job on the win my man that's awesome  100 yards a and 6 tackles in the second half!  way to go!!!   keep up the good work and don't stop getting better!  you know you're setting an example for those little kids right?..   they are gonna grow up saying I wanna play ball  like that Justin weaver guy!,,,  I never had that... ;)  your better than me my man  keep up the good work and remember whose watching :)  I love you man  I hope you get better and heal up  and don't get hurt no more!! as you can see and feel it's not fun ;)    love you kiddo and don't have to much with car now ya hear ;)   I'm liking the tires :)  beautiful :)   love you Justin   love elder weaver  how'd  you like my birthday call for you ? ;)

Hola Elder Weaver!
So I've had a great week this week. Went up to Causey reservoir with my friends to do some camping and fishing, didn't catch any fish but we had fun swimming and just being away from the world for a while. Made Dutch oven meals and just had a good time being out in the wild for a few days. I got pinched by a crawdad on my pinkie toe.

Institute is going to be a ton of fun, a friend from college that I graduated with is in my class and our teacher is simply Awesome! I'm looking into starting school again in January, either at Weber, or USU.
And don't worry about what sister Boles says to me lol. It makes me laugh that you still want the room ;)
So that's about it for my week buddy. How is your mission? Still loving it I'm sure.
Love you bud, keep working hard!
Love Jordan

Jordan-how is your pinky toe?!!?!!?!!?........
good luck  with choosing what school you go to   let me know when you make a decision and ill pray and fast you ;)  I shot my hand with a nail gun for that room....   ;) I absolutely love the mission!!!!!!!   I'm having an amazing time and I don't regret coming out one bit!!!  :)  I love you Jordan  stay safe and smart ;)  love elder weaver

Hey my first game is this week! I'm starting kick off and kick return and punt! School is getting good now that I'm knowing more people! My P.E. team is undefeated! I'm liking it a lot out at sand ridge! Love you love Jax

Jax-good luck my man!!!   you r gonna be the best kick offer ;) and kick returner and punt  team player in the history of sand ridge jr high!!  I know that to be true!!   do you ?...  keep making friends and be good and listen to mom and dad always!!  :)  love you Jax man   love elder weaver

Mom-the baptism went great!  my comp baptized him and we both stood in as he confirmed and it was amazing!!!  he bore his testimony and it was so simple and powerful   people were crying and smiling and laughing  it was so amazing!!!  :)  such a good guy.  thank you for praying for them :) I'm not sure about the transfer date thing   we will see as that gets closer ;) I would like to be home for the holidays to be with family and stuff and work and get into football shape a gain   but the lord probably wants me to stay ;)  we well talk about when it gets here :)  I had the mole removed last Thursday and it was alright  kinda sore in that area now....   a quote I heard for challenges,,,  " the greatest trials I've endured were not my own, but were in watching others suffer through theirs."  or something like that :)  I bore my testimony about Sunday :) I'm glad what I said helped them,,  I hope Justin's alright with all his injuries...   I'm not sure about a mens warehouse  the only thing is goodwill.. I could get shoes from there?:)   their dog is a blast I love playing with him :)  ya his accent is good ;)  I notice I'm picking up a little more and more lately...   I've got pics today :) I'm happy and healthy :)  I love you mom  and be safe and stay amazing  love elder weaver

Dad- yes he did :)  it was a very exciting week!!1  we had a lot of drunk people to talk to Sunday and Monday for labor day :)  had some interesting conversations...  hahaha  I'm glad he's playing so hard and getting better and being satisfied with himself :) I've thought the same way about seeing heavenly father infact in the BOM Eons 1: 27   apply  that to our family  and how after games when the boys are walking or limping from the locker room and we see our father ( you)  smiling and crying a and huggin us and helping us to the car  cause we can't drive home ourselves   that's how its gonna be with our father in heaven :)  I love you dad I think we are playing this life pretty well :)    we are teaching two families we found yesterday who both said it was a blessing we knocked their doors :)  that's gonna be exciting  and Larry is now a member so he can come with us to teach other people and we told him about it and he said he still has stuff when we taught him  so he is gonna review it and come teach it with us :)   super excited for that :)  its good having 4 elder s in an apartment,  we keep each other in check and we get a lot more done in a better productive ways, if that makes sense.. I will ask about the money stuff today,   send me best  back to them please and let them know I'm doing great!!!:)     love you dad   thank you so much :)  love elder weaver
Grandma Pat, close your eyes.... :)
 we found a moth :)
  he's a big guy :)
 dad what would these tires for?...
   they are huge!!!!  

 this pic I'm holding two tickets to the Atlanta falcons game to last Thursdays game!!!!  Cindy our investigator  gets them every now and again and said  here you go  hope you have fun. ..  I almost past out :)  she said if I'm still here in November I can get her tickets to the game in November and she will give em to me for free :)   but I couldn't go last week :(....  
 then we saw a drunk guy as we were tracting in a trailer park...
   and the sunset was amazing the other day :)
 and this little john and robin hood rd :)   yes I know it's amazing :) serving in Sherwood Forest?

These last pictures are from a sister missionary that served with Jace in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission, she has posted some pictures on her fb, and some sent to him, love any pictures :) Thanks Sister!

  Got a hand written letter in the mail on August 31, 2013
Hello my amazing Family! :)
So I forgot to tell ya'll yesterday that my wisdom teeth are coming in...the two top ones have broken through my gums, I can feel the tooth with my finger and the bottom one is about to break through.  It feels like they are moving my whole jaw around and kinda hurts. One other thing, since in the new mission now transfers are a week earlier, so talking with my comp about it the other day, an option may be for me to come home in December of 14 early for the holidays and what not. Anyways that was just something I was gonna try and tell ya'll yesterday but I forgot. Sorry
Justin-I hope your ok and that your healing well.  Have you had a priesthood blessing for it yet?
Jax-keep up the good work in school and good luck in football, stay safe my man.
Jordan-keep on keepin on :) love ya, have fun camping and be safe
Mom-called a dr for the mission yesterday and they are gonna get me an appointment soon for the mole and he also said I'll most likely have to get it removed...
Dad-How did the month go with the extra CAT? any exciting things happen at work?
Well I hope ya'll know that I love you and hope ya'll are safe and healthy:)
Love Elder Weaver

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