Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday! 20!

"I have no disposition to shirk any responsibility nor to decline to occupy any position the Lord requires me to fill." President Lorenzo Snow
Hey there Elder Weaver! Sure do love you and hope you are having a great week! Emily's doing good, she's working and having fun. She says hi :) she's been over here spending time with the family and she's come to all most of the games of Justin and Jax. Also she's been over here to watch the Utah games.
I love my singles ward! Tomorrow we will be having paint wars for FHE, and then going to the Salt Lake Temple this Saturday for an endowment session. Did you ever go to the Salt Lake Temple? If not we need to go when you get home, you will love the love session. 
Alma 26:11 But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.12 Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.
Keep working hard buddy and remember why you are out there. Love you! 
Love Jordan.
I like that scripture thanks!!  go from alma 26 to ether 12;27  ;)  they kinda go along with each other ;)      well I'm glad Emily is doing so good :)  good she is supporting the family :)   and also the U  ;)  ha-ha  wow  fhe sounds way fun for y'all!!    I would love to go to the salt lake temple when I got home I hear the sessions are amazing!!!!!!   have you been to session recently?   what did you think of the extra 13 min? :)   ha-ha    stay safe Jordan and keep up all your hard work  love you big guy :)  love elder weaver

    I figured out how to use the camera a little more  so I put it on sunset mode and got the sun  like this  its kinda cool I think :)

 these are some bushes we see in a place where knock door  pretty cool bushes!!

 my souls of the shoes are coming out... 
 Carol Boles and company celebrated and spoiled Jace early for his birthday.....
 Thanks for taking such good care of him...
 Our first birthday we weren't together :(

Typical Jace, :) holding a straight face while doing something silly, while you are being serious....
I got a total of 4 cakes....  one we haven't even opened yet...   so much cake :(  ha-ha :)    I saw the vid the boys did in y'alls room that was awesome and thank you for that :) for my birthday I stayed home and took care of my comp  he got sick...  yes I got both packages and yes I got the temple package the day before we went to the temple  so thank you for sending the stuff :)   did y'all get my package I sent home?  the temple was so good :)  I didn't have any time to talk to pres Harding one on one...    I hope work works out and everything goes smoothly.   _____   Justin got interviews!!!!?!?!?!?!???!!  WOW  that's awesome  he didn't tell me that!!!!!   :):):):):):):):)   wow that's so cool  my  younger brother is famous!!!!!!    wow :)   I'm jealous   I need his signature on a shirt so I can make money off it sooner or later :)    that's so awesome  good for him  I'm glad he is good recognition :)   wow   heard from any schools yet  wanting him to visit or come out to play? :)    I think  when I get home  me and you mom are gonna be the shortest ones....  Jax is way tall  and Justin is pretty buff too.   Jordan looks skinny too   everyone looks good :)   dang    HEY!!!!!!    how come you and dad weren't singing happy birthday too?  I didn't see y'all in the video! ;)   thank  you for the video mom :) could you send me grandparents address please  so I can write them  thank you :)   I love those quotes too!!!    I have a reading assignment for the family too    read alma 5  and find all 41 questions it asks and then answer them for yourself   now some of them are answered in verses following the question  but the ones with no answers  and the ones y'all can answer them and ask yourself if y'all have room to improve anything :)  keep em to yourself and think about it :)   I did it and I liked it :)  we read alma 5 for stake conference two weeks ago  and I just reread it today :)    love you mom  I hope you  have a good week and be safe   love elder weaver

__________oh and can y'all hear an accent in my voice when I talk?...  ha-ha

we made the cake y'all sent me :)   thank you  for being awesome   love y'all so much

dad  here's a pic for you my man :) 
 this is how hot it was the other day while we were tracting :) 
 I was pretty sweaty... to say the least ha-ha
thank you so much dad. I hope you know I love you and I look up to you in many ways.  you have been a great example to me and I thank you for all you've done for me.   I don't think I ever would have been able to overcome all the trials I've had in my life if you and mom were not right behind helping me and supporting me in them as well.  I thank you for everything you have done for me in my life and for always encouraging me to do better and be better.  I hope you know you are a great man and a great father and husband.   thank you for all the things you taught me as a child through your example and deeds.  I love you dad.  love your son elder Jace weaver
Hey hey!!!! Happy late birthday you old 20 year old goof ball!!!!!!!!!  I hope you had a fantastic birthday!! :) I love ya lots and hope things are going good for y!
We had ksl at our game Friday night.... Against mountain crest, who we kicked but!!!! :) it was so much fun and we killed them! It was 39 to 27 and they only scored on our secondary... So it was good! The dance was great! I had a great time! :) we play Logan this week and we are both 4 and 0! So it'll be a good game!! :) in the game I got a little concussion with9 minutes left in the 4th quarter... So I was out for the rest of the night... It wasn't too bad, but I got lit up... It was helmet to helmet, and the referies didn't call it,, Fernandez was pretty mad... I'm good though! I hope you have a great week and things R going smoothly for ya! Love you lots!!!!!
thanks Justin :)  I did have a good birthday thank you :) dang kid!  ksl huh?  that's pretty sweet Justin :)  good job on the win too!! :)   do nothing but your best in the game and keep working harder and harder  and you'll see success.  even if you lose ( which you won't)  as long as you improve and become a better player you've won. ;)  stay safe and be careful with your head  don't wanna  get any more of those concussions  you'll be more prone to get em.  be careful Justin  :)   stay humble my friend  but confident in yourself :)  love you  and thank you for awesome :)   love elder weaver

Hey! We beat rocky and every one is saying they are the team to beat and we won in triple overtime! :) I got to play some defense! School is still good thus week we play bell! The lost to north and haven't scored at all this year! :P my week was pretty good! In PE my team beat the ninth grade team! Star quarter back right here! :) we won the last play I got a pic and was going to get talked so I pitched it to my teammate and he ran it in! :) the chargers beat the eagles today! :) love you love Jax
WOW!!!!!   TRIPLE OVER TIME!!!   THATS CRAZY MY MAN!!!!!   YOUR THE TEAM TO BEAT?!?!   I BELEIVE IT!!!!   DANG MY MAN THAT IS AWESOME!! :)    how was playing defense what position did you play? :)  hey now  be careful   you still need to play your hardest against bell..  even tho they aren't doin too good this year still gotta work hard! ;)  dang you little sneaky QB  ;)  ha-ha    keep up the good work Jax man   how are  your grades??   good job chargers!!  whoot whoot!!  ha-ha    love you bud   love elder weaver
Thanks to Tracey Casey for spoiling him some more!  She had him for his birthday, day! Thanks! "Sister Weaver, we had your son over tonight for dinner and celebrated his birthday.  I just wanted to share his picture; have a good night..."

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