Monday, September 30, 2013

not stressed....

Hey how are you? :) I'm good! :) my week was good! We beat south! :) I went to toads Saturday and I got kick off the go carts... It was fun tho! ;) during my game I got two tackles on kick off! :) my eagle was awesome the eagle almost bit my head! ;) I got my flag which is way cool! :) thank you for the hat and watch I were the watch every day and always use if! I haven't gotten a chance to were the hat yet but I'm sure I will! :) what is your favorite scripture? And why? What was your favorite lesson growing up? :) this week I play Roy jr and we were going to play at Roy high but they thought they would got more fans if they played at Roy jr instead but my team will be able to play at Roy high for the play offs! :) we are undefeated! 4-0 :) Love you, Jax

Jax-nice work on beating south!!!    :)  why did you get kicked off the go karts?...  nice work on the two tackles :)  glad you like the hat and watch :)   did you get the other package I sent y'all?? with the falcon bags in it??...   my favorite scripture is 2 Nephi 31:20  because our heavenly father is speaking to us in the last part and says if we are obedient and do what we are supposed to do we can have eternal life :) what's your favorite scripture and why? :)  nice work on all the football stuff :)  keep up the good work  :)   love you bud  have a good week :)  love elder weaver

Hey my bradda how has your week been? Did you baptism go through?? I hope it did! I went to Bonneville's deer hunt this weekend with Liesl cardon.. She asked me. It was fun this week we lost to box elder. I didn't get to play because I was concussed :( this week we play Ogden and then we have a buy and then Bonneville so it be fun! I have already gotten asked to Roy's Sadie's dance which is the end of October... So that'll be fun. I hope you're doing good and have in new experiences! Tried any new foods yet?? Love ya lots and Miss ya!

Justin-my week was good :)  how was yours?  _________________hey it's ok you lost this one.  Justin just put it behind you and move on :)  get better and play your heart out against Bonneville!   it'll be better you sit out and heal up then play injured.  you'll just get more injured and then have to be done...   so heal up and prepare for what about to happen :) true warriors stand before the battle field and look at the opposition standing before them and no matter how big or fast  the opponent is,  he smiles and says challenge accepted ;)    have fun at the dance my man :) I'm doin good and I haven't tried any new foods yet :/ ha-ha    but I'll keep trying :)  love ya lots kiddo  and hope nothing but the best for you  :)   love you  and get better soon :) love elder weaver

Dad-I know as much as you do right now about my leg..  Thursday I'll know more and will pass along info..  I have no idea what to expect..I'm not stressed about it tho :)  so y'all don't need to!   I just said that to make you smile :)  I know you'll stress about it anyways.. ;)   as soon as I find something out tho ill let y'all know asap!!    I love you  dad and hope y'all have a good week and enjoy yourselves :)  love elder weaver

For some reason his letter to me and to Jordan don't post….????

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