Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So we had from Fremont this week, and during the week on Wednesday we had our starting fullbacks mom die... Marcus Matuatia's cousin.. He is a sophomore.. She was put on life support and they could take her off it whenever they wanted... So they let her go that night... Fremont found out about it and, you know the head that people put on sticks and catlike there hanging the other team? They had one of those and put a red beanie on the head and it said f Roy on it... The people helped and supported the family by wearing red to the game....
The game we kicked their trash!!!! They couldn't do anything... We went down and scored first.. But then they got a lucky one play fluke... But missed the field goal.. So we went into half time with the score 7-6 then we got back and just kept shooting ourselves in the foot.... With flags... They scored and missed the two point conversion.. So it was 6-12 Fremont... Well it got down to the last 2.4 second left on the clock and 4th down.... We throw a hail marry pass and a Fremont kid tipped it, and I caught it on the two yard line and ran it in.... Roy wins 13-12..... :) :) it got on to YouTube and has over 77,400 views, it made it on channel five news and channel two news also... :) twitter was crazy about "weaverfever" ha-ha it was a crazy crazy moment... It was also on msn.com.. ;) ha
We have mountain crest this week for our homecoming... They are 0-3 but have played some pretty hard preseason teams, so hopefully with our confidence of being 3-0 can help us out and give us that edge on them..
Today in sacrament meeting it was the Hoopes farewell, and we got to the water part of the sacrament and Tyler ( a handicap deacon,) gave the sacrament to. Lady and she went to hand it back and she dropped the tray.. So I got up and went over and picked up the cups and put them in the trey and grabbed the deacons hand and said " you're ok"  and he just kept saying I'm sorry I'm sorry, but I took his hand and walked over to the sacrament table and gave him a new tray and he just went back and started up again..
I miss you a lot, when I'm in school and I'm not talking to anyone in the commons, I think about how me and you would sit on the benches and talk...  My classes are pretty good, I'm liking them so far! :)
I'm not to beat up this week, and I'm excited to play mountain crest.. It's gonna be a good game!  I love you Jace and sure miss ya!! :) here's my hail marry catch that won us the game..

Justin-well...  I'm crying...  thanks...  ha-ha :)   THATS SO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!    I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   THATS SO AWESOME!!!!!!  WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE?!?!?!?!!!  WAY TO GO MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!  YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    DANG ITS ALL OVER THE NEWS?!?!?!   NICE WORK MY MAN :)  IM GLAD YOUR LETTING YOURSELF GO!   THE WORK DOESNT STOP HERE THO!!  PEOPLE ARE HEARING ABOUT YOU AND NOW WILL BE PUSHING THEMSELVES EVEN HARDER TO BEAT YOU,  SO TYOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?  YOU CANT LET UP!!  WORK EVEN HARDER!!1 I KNOW YOUR DOING A LOT OF HARD WORK NOW AND YOUR TIRED AND FELL WORN OUT  BUT DONT STOP!!!!   WORK UNTIL YOU CANT MOVE AND THEN WORK AGAIN!!!!   DEVELOP NEW LIMITS  AND THEN THE NEXT TIME GO BACK  AND SHATTER THOSE LIMITS!!!!  KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK AND YOULL CONTINUE TO SEE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     MY YOUNGER BROTHGER IS SUCH A STUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     what are your grades?   how are things going other then football?  been out with the missionaries lately?  how's the family doin? :)  I'm glad our not so beat up this week :)  I was pretty beat up after my Fremont game,  but you played harder and came out not as beat up!  you man :):)   dang your awesome :)    I hope you know that people will see the things you do on and off the football field.  the little boy who had the tray dropped on him...  that's awesome Justin.  that shows maturity and respect and authority.   I hope you know you are an inspiration to me.   I'm sorry you miss me at lunch too...  I wish I could have been there one more year with you... it would have been my honor to play on the same football field as you wearing the same jersey this time ;)    I hope you know your awesome and that I love you and your doing great things!  keep up the good work my man and stay safe :)    love elder weaver   ps  dang your awesome :):)
Mom note: I left the font size the way Jace typed it :) love his excitement for Justin!

Dad- I think Justin has been watching some professional football games and is taking after them  cause that does sound like pandamodeom!!!!  hahaha    thing are nice down here,  we lost some of our inv because the new elders needed an area close to the apartment  to work in  and that was where we had some people..  so no biggy  we are looking for more people all the time anyways ;)   ha-ha  it had been a little cooler yes. :)  work is going good :) Cindy is on date and on track to be baptized on the 28th of this month and she is very excited about it :)   just keep praying for our inv and recent converts ..  I can't think of anything y'all can do..   my comp is a good missionary,  but that's all  I don't know that I would care to hang out with him when I get home..  but he's a good guy  just likes to always be right and doesn't like to be told what to do  he's a good story teller too...  but he says the things are real and actually happened..  he walks around with his chest out and does pull ups all the time and tries to show is " manhood"  by thinking cause he's oldest in the apartment he can whatever he wants...     I'm used to it tho..  if he gets too into it  I humble him ;)  so things are good :)   I feel I'm getting closer and closer to the missionary I wanna be :)  Larry has not been tracting with us yet  but he told us the other day  he will never say no if we need his help :):)  that's awesome!! :)  we haven't been able to teach the family yet  but still working on em   I love you dad and I hope you stay safe:)  love elder weaver

"The priesthood we hold has been revealed for the salvation of the human family. We must be lively in our minds in reference to it." President Lorenzo Snow.
Hey Elder Weaver! I hope you are having a great day today and working hard. My institute class is great, I have an awesome teacher who grandpa Beardall knows lol, (big surprise) ;)I'm dating Emily shock, gonna see what happens there. And I'm just enjoying working with dad still. :)So today in priesthood we talked about priesthood power and authority and I wanted to share some things with you that I learned."Priesthood bearers are messengers of the Almighty, with authority delegated from heaven to administer holy ordinances."You hold authority from heaven to administer holy ordinances among the people of Atlanta Georgia Jacer, keep working hard so that you can perform said ordinances."The object of the priesthood is to make all [people] happy, to diffuse information, to make all partakers of the same blessings in their turn. For this very purpose the Holy Priesthood has been bestowed in this our day, to guide and perfect the saints of God here, and just in proportion as we attain to intelligence in this world and to integrity and faithfulness … , so will be the exalted condition in which we shall appear behind the veil."I love you Jace and I know you are where you're supposed to be to bring about the "immortality and eternal life of man" in your mission. Keep working hard my friend, have no regrets! Love Jordan

Jordan-hey hey hey big man :)  how you doooin :)   ha-ha    I'm glad your class is so much fun!! :)   that's awesome about the priesthood. thank you for sharing that with me.:)  ha-ha   tell Emily I said hi :)  how is she doin? :)    hey keep up the good work and stay safe Jordan! :)  I hope you know your awesome  :)   love you  love elder weaver
Note from Mom.....We had a late night knock on our door Sunday evening about 8:45, it was the Elders, two who have been serving in our area and two new ones, we invite them in and one of the new ones is looking at our family picture and says, "hey I know Jace," we turn and look at him and asked how, he said " I played ball with him at SVU, we were on the same team and in the same dorm, I was there when he face timed his family about his mission call..." We asked him where he was from he said Salt Lake,? We said and you got called to Ogden, he said he was waiting for a visa to come through and is then off to Argentina, has been here with a Spanish speaking comp to maintain and learn the language, has been out for four months, and anxious to go to Argentina....So funny how small the world is. So we were putting together birthday cards for Jace and he said I would love to send one to him, so all of the Elders wrote Jace a birthday card and we sent them off.  I told Jace about Elder Wyckoff and that's the reason he is included in my letter....

Mom- Jake Wyckoff?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!   I love that kid!!!!!  he's so funny!!!!!!!!!!!   make sure y'all take good care of him!!!!!!!!   and his comp too  but mainly him ;)  ha-ha   wow that's crazy!!!!!!  :)    I haven't gotten package yet  we are going to temple Wednesday  so hopefully I get it before then.   thank you so much for sending me stuff:)  the shoes sound good :)  no rush :)  the mole area is kinda healed up...  took the bandage off yesterday and it like a blood blister kind of...  so that made me a little nervous....    Cindy is doing good..  she had tried to get me to go to 3 more games later on in the season  and I honestly don't know if I'll be here when those games come around  ha-ha   but she said when I get home  if the family wants to go to a game she can hook us up :)   might take her up on that offer ;)  ha-ha   we are allowed to it  if we have permission from pres Harding...     but that would be hard...  we see mission pres not too often  but we will see him after the temple :)   I hope I get a little spoiled too ;)  ha-ha   if not that'll be ok :)  glad I could help you with quitting your job :)  thank for having me mom :)   ha-ha ;)   I love you mom and I hope your safe this week  :)  love elder weaver
Hey big bro! How's it going? I'm good! School is good! Football is great! We beat north Ogden! And I played offense and defense! I'm starting kick off and kick return and punt! I'm #3! All my classes are good! I am now a teacher! I'm the 1st counselor in teachers quorum! Do you plan on doing any thin fun for your birthday? What number is Lawrence on Georgia tech? :) I will look him up! And what position does he play? :) I hope your having a JOLLY GOOD TIME!?!! :) the football team is way cool and always are introducing me to new people! :) and sometimes it's kinda weird but its way nice of them! :) Love you, love Jax

Jax-I'm doing good :)  how are you? :)  good job on beating north Ogden :)  what position did you play? :)  congrats on the new priesthood calling :)   for my birthday we are going to do missionary work. :)  nothing else to do...  ha-ha  Larry isn't playing at g tech any more  he quit and is going to work.  he can't afford to lose credits to go and play football..  so he's not going there anymore.  I hope you have a jolly good time as well my man :):) I'm glad you have better friends now and your getting to know new people :)   keep up the good work and stay safe in all that you do :)  love you bud    love elder weaver

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