Monday, June 9, 2014

Hi Jace,
Hope your week is great!  The church is true and how lucky you are to get the chance to tell others about it!! Grow lots this week and learn something for me :)
Things here are good, keep smiling, give away a Book of Mormon today for me-so proud of you, tell me great things today! Love you-DAD

Well good Monday again!!! Loved your letter last week, especially the day by day stuff, do again :) how was MLK memorial last Monday? Any more doors answered with guns? Craziness! Glad you pray and we do too ;) I've been watching your weather, says warm with lots of thunder storms, is that what you're getting? Lots of humidity? How is Kay this week? Pretty excited for this weekend? Did you get the specifics figured out about her baptism? Hope she will let you take a picture with.... Happen to get her address? I would like to send her a card and a subscription to ensign :) we are so excited for her!  You mentioned 5 baptisms a week ago, who were they and tell us about the confirmation a little bit, will you confirm Kay also?
Love that you sent a package :) we didn't open it- that's pretty brutal-ha-ha! Did you get ours to you yet? Hope I grabbed the right binder for workouts! You are looking great in the pictures at the aquarium you look like you are losing- feeling good? Able to work out like you want to?
So what's plans for today? What did you do last Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? Friday? Saturday? And how was your Sunday?
Dad and grandma pat got on family search last night and looked thru dads line and great grandma Ritter, lived on south Weber drive when dad was little, Ritter drive named for their family, anyways she needs temple work done and then sealing to her family, so gram pat showed him how to get cards printed and so we are going to do her work, pretty exciting!!!
You going to temple again soon?
Hey new food for you :) try vanilla almond milk, comes in a carton, lots less calories than milk, still good for you, yummy :)
So some pretty exciting news!!!! Dad wants me to type it for him.... Type faster.... They took Justin up to Weber and met with coaches, while sitting there coach Tyler Card said what was name again? They said weaver, he said did you play for SVU, in Virginia, he said no but brother Jace did, he said that's right, Jace, what's Jace doing now, said mission, what's he doing after? Running ball for SUU, he said why doesn't he come here and run for us :) he wants your film and to stay in touch, their running back graduates after this season :) soooo...fine unga has an in up there and his son Spencer walked on, so he knows the ropes.... Anyways another possibility :) what do you think? Pretty exciting huh? Options!
Anyways, excited to hear about your week, be safe, be happy, say prayers :) continue to work hard! So proud of you!!! Love you today and everyday!!!! Love mom xoxos
Ps maybe for Father's Day send him a letter with testimony :) just a thought.... Love you!

a man of few words but powerful!   this week was a normal week  the only new thing was Saturday we were walking from store to store contacting people and black guy comes around the corner and asks us if we are demons  we said no  we are missionaries and he said well I don't know about all that but y'all look like demons!   look at your complexion, your white and everyone knows demons is white.  so we just6 walked away.  he started yelling but we ignored him and went on with our day.  Kay had her baptism interview and passed and she has asked me to confirm here and both elder Packard and myself will be in the font when she is baptized cause she can't stand by herself too well.  so we are excited  for that.  and also this weekend we have 6 scheduled baptisms between all the companionships so it'll be good :) other than that nothing too exciting to report.  lover you dad  love elder weaver
good Monday!   the MLK thing was pretty cool but It was kinda boring...  no doors answered with guns this week. ya we pray all the time!  ya its pretty hot and humid... :/  not fun at all.. we go out with wrinkly shirts on purpose and after few min they are not wrinkly anymore...   pretty crazy..  Kay is doing awesome!!  she is so ready for this weekend and she's very excited!!!   so my comp and myself will be in the font with her elder Packard will say the prayer and we will both dunk her and bring her up again. and ill confirm her on Sunday :)  I don't know too much about the other baptized last week  other missionaries worked with them.  but the confirmation went good!   she from Africa and has an African name and that was interesting trying say...  but it all worked out and everything went good :) I haven't gotten the package yet...  ill be looking for it. I'll let you know if the right binder  thanks for sending it.   and holly cow that's super cool about dads great grandma!!!!  genealogy sounds fun!!  I wouldn't mind getting into it when I get home.  we are going to the temple tomorrow!   so pretty excited about that!!!  
 WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?!   SWEETNESS!!!!!!!    that made my day!! awesomeness :):):):)  options are great!!  especially being wanted too!  ha-ha  I will keep that in mind! we work out pretty good  we run a lot  don't have too much weights to do  but it's probably best I run to get into good cardio shape..   I'll send a something his way no worries.  love you mom love elder weaver

in the last ward I served in my bishops wife was a pathway teacher and a lot of members are taking here in my ward now.  they all have positive things to say about it!1 :)  I know you'll do great in it Jordan!!   well tell Jordana I said congrats!!  but don't make here wait for me to get home ;)  ha-ha  let me know how things go with miss Texas :):)   I love you too Jordan take care  love elder weaver.
well hello Justin :)   Tuesday my comp went in the temple for his converts sealing and I stayed outside in the car with another missionary and made phone calls..  kinda boring but oh well. when will you hear back from the Weber coaches?  I'm glad you had good time on your dates :) and that you are dating so many people way to go. and that's awesome that he invited you to go with him to get that blessing. I hope you know you have impacted him in such a way that through your example he is striving to be a better person and he wants you to be involved. way to go buddy :) have fun in institute!   pay attention and take notes and make sure you understand what they are teaching.  cause if you don't understand you won't learn.  well thanks to you too my best friend. for being willing to be my friend and I too have learned a lot from your example so thank you Justin.  I hope you have a good week and enjoy yourself and the many things you will be involved in. love you Justin talk to you soon   love elder weaver

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