Monday, June 16, 2014


Kay and the members who helped us teach her-Great Lady!!

my week was good!!   Kay did get baptized!!!!! :)   she wheeled to the edged and hopped down the stairs and my comp said the prayer and I stood on the other side closest to the glass and helped her down and up :)   is was SUCH A GOOD EXPERIENCE!!!   Wednesday we were going to see a less active and try to teach his friend who lives next to him but we couldn't find his house. so we are walking around and some people are yelling at us and we go over and see the had been drinking and were wasted and they started talking about aliens and how there is no God and how we are experiments.. so we told em we had to go to an appointment and they said to come back after so we could talk more..  we found out the other guy gave us the wrong address so we start to walk back and notice that the only way back to our next appointment is walking by drunk people again,  so we decided we didn't want to hear their alien stuff and waste our time  so we went marine status! :)   we went through some back woods on the border of a lake and walked through old run apartments and made it to our next spot safely ;)   haha it was pretty intense!!    but other than that nothing too exciting happened this week besides the baptism :)   I'm glad you are able to apply for the jobs that you did :)   I hope you date goes well for you this weekend :)   I love you bro  take care  love elder weaver  
well well well stud muffin Jax man :)   glad you were able to have a good of football :)   two a days are always fun my friend  take advantage while you can!!!  pads is a good thing :):)   sounds like your making good friends :)  that's good :)   I hope you continue to do so :)  have a good week buddy take care and have fun in football :)   I love you love elder weaver
she wheeled to the edged and hopped down the stairs and my comp said the prayer and I stood on the other side closest to the glass and helped her down and up :)   is was SUCH A GOOD EXPERIENCE!!!   we couldn't get any pics while we were in our white because we didn't have time to. and we didn't want to make the other 3 people being baptized have to wait.  but it was awesome!!  :)  she loved it all and is excited to learn more and keep progressing in the gospel :)   so dad I have a scripture for you and an invitation moronic 10:27-29 ,34 and think of how you've used the Book of Mormon and set some goals on how you can use it more in your everyday life. :)   I've pretty ,much told everyone else how my week has been.. ii love you dad I will keep praying and keep doing all that I can for you.  love you love elder weaver
yes I got the package the office had it so no worries:)  and thank you so much for sending what you did :) well found out my new comp will be the district leader..  so that should fun hopefully...  no haven't heard any more about going out with pres.  I'm staying.  the temple was so good felt happy and peaceful! :)  yes our ward has been pretty busy with new members  we are just hoping that it will be able to support the new people we bring in.  confirmation went good!  :)   the other few days of the week we had finding days where we just went out trying to find as many new people as possible. nothing too exciting.  but read Jordan email I sent him that was exciting :) they are the senior couple in our ward :)   they are from Utah yes :)   I'm glad y'all are staying busy and things are getting better :)  that makes me glad   I love you too mom  love elder weaver  

What's plans today?

 ya they do.  my comp needs to pack so we are all going to our place so he can pack... :/

Who is "all" going to your place to pack?

the other elder who ride marta just the 4 of us.   so next transfere we will the district leader the zone leaders and the sister training leaders in our ward!!!!! 

Wow, pretty neat! So who will you be with Tuesday evening? Doesn't comp go tomorrow?

no he goes to mission home Wednesday and flies home Thursday.  ill be with him still
Us at Stone Mountain with some members.....

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