Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New comp-love him!

(Jace sent Ross an amazing letter for Father's Day, cried all the way through it!, amazing the growth that only a mission can give to these soldiers!)

Dad-well I'm glad you liked the letter, sorry I sent it late...   my new comp is pretty awesome  he is 6 foot 5 Tongan!! :)   big  poly ;)   he's from Utah  he played football and basketball so we get along real good :)   he's like my body guard too he's so big.  he's the district leader and he's new to it so we are kinda learning together. I help when I can at least...  I'm glad the boys are helping you out so much and things are going good for y'all :)   glad Jax is living up to his potential.  I did not get a call from the stake pres.  what would he be calling for??   I love you too dad take care and be safe in all that you're doing.  love elder weaver
ps  so I won't email you back for a few min  we are going to another library so my comp can email too.   talk to you again soon  love you
Elder Olive (O le va) and my favorite...Elder Weaver, on tip toes :)

Mom-my new comp has been out for 10 months, he's from Salt Lake City. the pic would have come them the Allen's, the Sr couple in our ward.. it's fun being a district leader comp,  we are the same amount of busy  now we just have more meeting and stuff to go to sometimes. Kay is doing ok  her sore is getting bad again and she wasn't able to make it to church this Sunday but she is super excited to share the gospel with her friends and family  she has a sister who might start taking the lessons and she is thinking about sharing it with a nurse she sees a lot at the hospital. I don't know her address exactly.  if you just want to send it to me ill pass it along to her. well good for Jake!!  (a friend of his from SVU, older young man, good friend, going to Sacramento CA) for awhile he wasn't thinking about serving but now he is actually going good!! ya its pretty hot down here in GA  kinda not liking it...  ha-ha  oh well :)  I'm glad sweet BĂȘte is still in contact with you :)   well sounds like Jax is stud :)  ha-ha  good for him  glad he is doing so well :)  our last week was good we found a lot of new people to teach and we have a lot of good things coming up in our schedule.  the work is still moving forward  things are changing for the better so we are excited about that! :)  I love you too mom and I hope you have a good week.  love elder weaver
I'm excited for you and new comp, new adventures!!! He didn't look that much bigger than you in picture....what's plans for today?
he taller than me...I'm standing on my tip toes ;)  ha-ha  we aren't too sure yet on plans, we might just shoot some hoops at the church... 
Need contacts? Anything else? Does comp eat like Fetuli? He left a message on your pic from Father's Day said you look skinny and must not have had a poly comp :) said he misses you!!!
he does eat a lot  but he's so tall and he weighs 205  so he's built pretty good
Jace at transfer meeting....

Justin-dang Mr. popular ;)   ha-ha glad you had so much fun at south Ogden days!1 :)  tell him I said good luck in the mission. time does go by very fast!   ha-ha  you scream like a little school girl anyways so I'm not surprised ;)   hehehe  I love you too kiddo  take care and stay safe  love you too  love elder weaver  

Jordan-Monday we just sat around while my comp packed..  hey my man way to go on the translations :)   I hope you have fun in Montana   let me know how it goes send me pics too if you can.  love you have fun be safe  love elder weaver 

Jax-hahaha  your the only one with football smell!!! :):)  poor kid  I'm glad football is going so well for you tho!!  that good!!   I hope you keep up the good work!  tell all your friends I say hi.  make new friends when you can buddy  talk to the new people too!!   love you talk to you later  love elder weaver

Jace is sitting in middle of the middle section......

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