Monday, July 21, 2014

Justin mission call....

ya I know it's gone crazy fast!!  where is the time going?? well this week we went on exchanges with the traveling assistants again I went with elder porter the one from bville and he just asked me if I remembered anyone from school or from virgina  he went to svu too...  we knew some of the same people that was kinda cool... he's really trunky  he goes home the 31 of this month.  other than that I can't recall anything too exciting or crazy that happened...  besides hearing about Justin's mission call!!!!   that's pretty crazy!!! :)  haha  and also the Fergusons coming and feeding us was good then they came with us to help us teach a lesson but the people weren't home so that was a bummer....   but ya that's about our week. it's been more rainy recently so that's somewhat a good thing  except for the next day when its twice as humid...   I love you dad and I hope you have a good week and I look forward to talking to you next week.  love elder weaver
 so as far as helping me I'm ok.  really it didn't have any negative effect on me like y'all might think  ask my comp  I haven't slowed down or anything over it.  

I'll send him those things in my email today.  that would be awesome for y'all to come out!  that would be a lot around Christmas time... would just you and dad come or Jax and Jordan too?  we haven't been able to get in touch with myesha we are pretty worried about her but we are still shirts are ok!!  I don't know what she was talking about.. haha they need to be bleached like crazy but they still fit and they get the job done :)  I don't know why but my home card hasn't been working... I'm doing the right pin...  but I don't know what else I could do?  well we aren't sure yet if we can keep teaching Ariel ,marijuana lady, ;)   but we are going to teach her until we find out more info on it.. well about the journal.... it's been a while...  so the bomb squad was around the place and they were probably checking for bombs, wouldn't surprise me.. but carol said you didn't believe me about how bad our hood is... now you do tho ;)  we are safe, we always are :) love you too mom take care love elder weaver 

brother Jordan :) so Monday we had pday  we played basketball and we ran passing routes :)  good day   I'm super excited for you as well to help Justin with his spanish  let me know how his testimony goes I wanna know well he's doing :) an Irish festival huh?  that sounds like fun!!   so have you heard anything more from the girl in Texas is she in Utah yet or what??  I hope you enjoy your classes and good luck coming up with your other classes! love you love elder weaver 
hey Jax man :)  my Sunday was great how was yours? :)  just one ward. haha rest up for the next few weeks cause after that its game time! stay in shape too.  I'm glad Justin will be able to stay and watch you play too, listen w=to what he says he can help you a lot.  and I look forward to hearing about your games buddy :)  have fun at the little kids camp :)  are you helping coach or what?  I love you buddy  love elder weaver 
Justin-well I don't know too much spanish but hello to you too :) that's really cool tho that you'll be serving that close to where Jordan was :)  hey buddy we will see each other before you know it will be switching spots with you on the Skype Christmas call ;)  I won't lie it will be a long time but don't focus on that and you'll be ok :) ill try not to cry too often too.... I can only imagine how excited Jordan was about it :):)  I was pretty excited too!!  the blessing of serving a mission and you're seeing it already :)  good :):)   I'm glad you had fun at youth conference :)  boating and hiking  I miss hikes..  dang Marcus is getting his call too that's crazy :)  you're a good friend to him  and good luck this week getting your teeth pulled! ;)  record it for me :):)  elder Thompson leaves and the other comes home soon too  crazy crazy :) read and sleep with Preach My Gospel :)  that's all the mission secrets and what not in there:) I love you buddy take care and never lose hope or happiness :)  you have been of God to serve where he needs you :) love you kiddo  love elder weaver

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