Monday, July 21, 2014

hi Jax :)   my week was good, on p days we normally email in the morning after studies then we shop then we go to the stake center and play a sport. Saturdays are the exact same thing as the rest of the week. I'm glad to hear you had a good week! good job in football!!  the real thing is coming soon! :)  can't wait to hear about it ;)  getting some good work hours in too, that's good  keep working hard and you'll keep that motivation for everything as you get older :) kick returner would be pretty fun!  stay safe doin and run fast!!  haha take care buddy talk to you next week  love elder weaver 
I've seen the pics and that looks like fun!  haha remember when you and I and dad were at BDO and we were digging to lift a hydrant and I touch the sprinkler line and it burst and the hole filled right up?   haha  that's what it reminded me of! :):)   oh wow the 13 sounds like quit the adventure!  I hope you have fun with it :)  tell brad I said hi in spanish ;)  hehehe  pray for the Boudreaux family and Ms Posh and Myesha :)  that'd be awesome :)    we get along really good! he's a good guy :)   I love you too  love elder weaver 
hello father :)  we had a real good week!! some high lights from the week Wednesday we knocked a house and a lady came to the door, she's 22, and we tell her who we are and ask to pray with her. and she tells us something's to pray for and we say the prayer and then lead into the restoration and ask her about prophets and she says hold on guys!   y'all cant be asking me questions like this while I'm High!...  we were like oh... ok...  she said come back and we will talk about it when I'm not high..  we said ok and her some questions to see if she was a straight up pot head or what  and found out she is on medical marijuana that's why she was high..  so we are talking with higher ups in the mission to see if we can still teach or baptize her while she is on it.  so that was fun! :) then we went over the next day to see her when she wouldn't be high and she wasn't home so we knocked around her neighborhood and came to a house with the garage open we didn't think anything of it we made our way to the door and someone yells at us and says I'm  not interested so we nicely asked if we could pray with her she yelled again and said no I'm still not interested as we are leaving I asked is there anyone you know who could use a prayer? still yelling she says, do you understand English!!??  I said no!!  I said not even your neighbors?  I was playing now;)  and she said no not even my neighbors!!  we said oh ok  God bless and have a good day.  so that was a pretty funny experience yesterday we were waiting for a ride from a member and while we are waiting a guy walks up and starts asking us about priesthoods and it is so we were  like wow this knows about authority. we told him about Joseph smith and he agreed with that then he told us he had the gold plates in his apartment...  we said oh really  wow.  can we come up and see them  he said no you can't and walk away...  :)  this week was a pretty good week :)  I love you dad I hope everything keeps going well for you and things work out for work  love you dad  love elder weaver 
hi mom
our week was good :) I have not had contact from him yet and pres Harding said he is not aware of him trying to contact him...  zone conf was good!  ya all my suits are big and shirts are big too. I don't think ill need new cloths ill just new stuff when I get home.  I hope I can keep it up the last little bit so I am still in shape for ball.  just thought December so ill be home for holidays instead of coming home 2 weeks later anyways. and to get ready for school and stuff. I thought you wouldn't mind... ;) Kay is doing ok the young men are getting her the sacrament  she hasn't been able to make it but we are still trying to meet with her. her name is myesha
no word about ipads still...  everything is holding up good I could use some contacts I'm on one box left so I will need some more soon... wow ya I saw pics crazy day in the trench ;)  haha sounds like fun!  3 hours?!?!  that's crazy!!  ya dad is a genius when it comes to rigging things like together :)  wow busy busy sounds like exciting times! :) good for y'all haha  he opens his call all chubby cheeked and giggle from gas?  that would be something to remember. :)  you could go through carol?   anyways will be waiting :)    I love you mom and thank you very much for all you do for me as your son be safe and have a good week  love elder weaver

swimming in the road?  fun fun :)  triple dates fireworks?!?! President ucchtdorf?!?!?!  fun filled week it sounds like!! and your mission papers are in!!  wow where do you think you're going?   hope you keep having fun at work :)  don't get too hot don asphalt. Thursday we planned and got ready for next week and then went finding and taught some really good people.  yesterday we went to a complex right behind ours to find people to teach and while we were there walking down a road a car looped around and asked are you missionaries ?  we said yes we are and they told us they used to have missionaries stop by when they lived in Chicago and they want us to come over again so we are pretty excited about that.  also this complex has armed security 24/7 and I was the only white person in there.. I'm used to it but I was a little scared not gonna lie thought we were going to get jumped. but we didn't :)   I love you buddy take care and be safe  love elder weaver 

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