Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Robbed-transfer coming....

howdy partner :)   well looking at the pics of your face it looks like your face might be a little sore ;)  ha-ha its ok if no one recorded you we will watch it heaven ;)   I'm glad you're getting ready for the temple and still taking mission prep. what have you been learning?  how are the Jennings doing along with the Jones how are they doin??  sorry your date wasn't too fun with the Freemont girl... good job on taking her home early ;)  atta boy!!  let me know where Marcus is going :)   love you and I miss you too buddy be safe and take care  love elder weaver 
well that's how camps go. you repeat yourself a lot...  but it's for you to cause you remind of yourself of the things you should be doing. ;)  that's pretty awesome the coaches are talking about you like that! :):)  way to go buddy  even tho you have this time off you can still work and if you do the coaches will see it and you'll continue to be the leader and help the team.   love you  buddy take care  love elder weaver
hahhahahah did you get his name??  ha-ha that's interesting!!   I hope he comes back to get help he needs...  I'm glad you had a good week tho and I hope you have fun in the food fight tonight!!   so last Monday we finished our pday and went and taught some people and when we got back home we found our apartment was broken into... he took my little jar of loose change that had about 20 $ in it.. other than that nothing was taken.. they went through our drawers and closets  but nothing else was taken..   earlier on that day we were waiting at the stake center to play some ball and no one was showing up so my comp wanted to leave and I felt like I don't wanna leave and spend my pday sleeping that's boring.. and the longer we were there the more upset we were getting with everyone else not coming... when I'm about to give in and drive back to our place I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach like don't go back..  so I stalled and tried to milk not going back and finally other people came and we were able to get in so we stayed.. and just thinking if we would have gone home we might have caught the people who broke in actually doing it.. and who knows what would have happened from there?   but that was the rest of our Monday for us..   I love you Jordan and I hope you have a good day love elder weaver 
that is the pin I've been using....  I'll try again today and let you know through the sr couple..  I am being transferred I don't know where I'm going but it will most likely be my last area. I'm kinda bummed to be leaving cause we have a lot going on right now but I guess I'm needed elsewhere so here I come!!  ha-ha I'm glad work is going so well for y'all and I hope things keep picking up! good luck with your bike ride and all the training that comes with it. I hope and pray y'all are safe in the many things you're doing :):)  its crazy to think Justin's time is that short and then to think I'm pretty much just trading him spots... and I'll be home just a few weeks after he leaves.. where is Jordan planning on moving out to? is he gonna stay close?  well congrats on getting new calling!!  that should be fun :)  how is dad doing I have heard from him today... I'm glad things are going well for the family.  could you see if Lindsey Fowers got my letter? and tell her not to send a new one until I know my new address?   please and thank you.  I sent some pics to Jordan's email we came home Monday night and our apartment had been broken into...  kinda not fun and they did a bad job at replacing it the guy took the broken piece and put it back and put 4 nails in the whole door... really crappy job...  anyway we are good the work is good and I look forward to hearing from you  love you too love elder weaver 
love you too dad, I'm glad work is picking up and things are good for you. I look forward to working for you again when I get home. o enjoy it :)   love you dad  love elder weaver

Mission pres say anything about coming home in December? Pretty nerve racking being robbed, so grateful you followed your gut feeling, Holy Ghost, and did walk in on it :) 

he hasn't said anything yet I'm not sure if you need to go through the mission office or what...  but I might see him Wednesday and will ask there.  how's everyone doing today?? 
Good! Working in mountain green trying to do pass port for Justin this week! Did you have to call cops when robber broke in? Makes me laugh he tried to fix it! Ha ha! Is there a way to use your debit card at the library so you can tell me if your pin works!? What are plans for today? 

I can't use it here... but I'll let you asap today..  well I need to cut my hair and pack a little bit..  so not too much.. does he need a visa??  yes we called the cops 

ya cop came took some notes  acted like it wasn't a big deal... 

Yes we need to work on visa after pass port. Are you cutting your own hair? Sad about leaving elder olive? 

oh ok.. no elder olive will cut for me.  ya I'm bummed I'm leaving.. he's a good guy, I'll miss him.

Do you get to go around and say goodbye before you leave Wednesday? If you do and you see Kay please get home address.

I might be able a little bit..  I'll get her address for you. 

Do you need anything?

no I don't think so. y'all need anything from me?? 

Prayers :)

always praying

hope this makes you laugh

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