Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy 4th of JULY!

Jordan-hey man that sounds like a fun trip!!   if you're ok with it I'd like to go with you and the guys after I get back?   that sounds super fun though!  see any alligators while golfball diving?? ;) ha-ha did you bring home any good fireworks?? :D  ha-ha hey I hope you have another good week and things go well for you!   how do you like the pathway classes your taking??  love you too Jordan  love elder weaver 
Dad-so this week we had something pretty crazy happen that hasn't happened in a while for me.  we went and visited a former investigator and we get talking with her and she says she is a prophetess...  we looked at each other went oh ok...  so we asked her some questions.  she said she speaks and see Heavenly father daily.  then out of nowhere she starts yelling in tongues!  my comp had to turn around so she didn't see him laughing :) then she started telling us the revelations she was getting about us.. she was only getting them for me so my comp said hey what about me?!  what am I going to do?   she said follow him and you'll see..  we left smiling :) that was a fun one this week :)  we were able to contact a lot of good people we found someone who has met missionaries before and almost got baptized but moved before she could and now we are teaching her again and she came to church yesterday and loved it and so did here 5 kids :)  we also had another former come with his wife and daughter but they had to leave early cause he didn't take his meds and he was getting sick..  so they left but we went and saw them later and they all said they didn't want to leave early they wanted to stay for the whole thing :)  so that is good :)  when they have the desire to stay and to come back missionaries like to hear that :) but that's about the highlights for the week  I love you dad and I hope work keeps up and your safe.  I love you too  love elder weaver
Jax-a fun filled week of swimming and relaxing. :)  nice well I'm glad you had a good week :)  I hope you have fun in football this week :) I would imagine wake boarding being hard on the sea doo.  but at least you kneeboard! :) that's always fun too right?  I wouldn't know yet I haven't been ;)  we only go to one ward on Sundays I testified probably around 25 times yesterday... :)   how many times did you do it? :)  love you too buddy love elder weaver 
mom-I had a full email typed and the computer logged off... sorry I'm working on it..   how was it seeing the Haslam family??  (a family from Jace's first area was visiting with their parents in our ward and we were able to meet and visit with them, wonderful people) how are they doing?  who did you have in class??   (I taught little 4 year olds in primary Sunday, as a substitute, about our Savior being the Good Shepherd) an apostle gave a talk about that not too long ago  about the shepherd..  that's always a good thing to be reminded of :)
 does the stake pres need to go through the mission pres to get to me? or can I give y'all our number to pass on to him?  nothing happened  but like Jax I would say invites to movies and now with all this happening I feel pretty uncomfortable about it.  so what's he doing now?  does he still live in the same place or what?

she is feeling ok, her sore isn't too good and she wants to come to church but isn't able to. she said she needs the sacrament though because without it she won't be same throughout the week without the spirit. so at least she understands the importance. she had someone take it to her last night.  zone conference tomorrow will fill you in about it next week ;)  and we have heard from two other sources that we will have ipads soon as well.  I feel it won't happen as soon as they say  but if it does I won't complain!  it'll be nice and more convenient for us as missionaries to use.  I don't know who had a baby and named him Jace,,, ill check and see if I can find out who it is..,.I'm glad y'all ad a good week and enjoyed the parade and the bike ride that's always fun.  too bad the diving board was broken... ;/  our 4th was good  we heard fireworks all night  we still hear them too.  we heard a lot of gun shots too, nothing out of the ordinary though ;)  ha-ha.  that's a lot of fireworks... dang I love you too mom take care and have a good week  love elder weaver 

ok ill talk to him tomorrow,  no rain.  we are going to play some games at the stake center how about y'all? 
I'm really thinking about coming home in December...  we will talk about that next week though and tell Lindsey Fowers thanks for  writing me a letter I wrote her back 
Justin.... this is Jace speaking back to you....   MY WEEK WAS GOOD!!!!!   the 4th was crazy  drunk people from the day before and new people getting drunk and people still drunk on the Saturday after..  how was the parade?  where did you play street hockey?  I heard y'all had a ton of fireworks!  hey that's awesome you got to stand in fro Marcus that's super cool buddy. and way to go on the temple trip for baptisms for the dead :) saying goodbye for two years isn't so bad when you have 6 months until your home. it goes by so fast it's not even funny!  so where do you think you're going on the mission? on Wednesday we taught a lot of good people right at 10 am and all throughout the day :)  and we had an investigator feed us dinner as well, we get fed more by investigators and people from other wards then we do our own ward ;)  kinda funny, but other than that nothing too much different than teaching people :)  I hope you have a good week and good luck on the interview Tuesday night ;)   you'll pass again. ;)  I love you too bud and I miss you too.  take care and be safe :)  love elder weaver 
The Fergusons surprised Jace and Elder Olive and took them to lunch, couldn't visit long, the Elders had another baptism :)

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