Wednesday, July 2, 2014

this week did seem like it went by really fast! this week we went on an exchange with the traveling assistants so they could help my comp in his new leadership position and the missionary I went with he and I found 8 new people to teach and also we invited 5 people to baptized and they said they would! :)  and my comp and the missionary he went with had a similar day. so now we are busy busy busy!  and we need a lot of help from members to teach and everything!  so thinks are looking up for us now and defiantly moving forward!  we continued on after they left and we found and found and found tons of people and a lot of them are families!  so we are even more excited about that! :)  yes I do still like my comp he's poly how can I not like him? :)  I'm glad things are going good for you and work is good anything new and exciting coming up in work? I hope you'll be able to get back on the bikes soon and stay safe when you do!   yes I am felling great I weigh 227 now and all of my cloths way too big for me...  haha :)  I love you dad and I will continue to work no worries ;)   love elder weaver 

it was so good to see the Fergusons!!  yes they fed us lunch and elder olive was baptizing a sisters investigator, since he interviewed her and she doesn't know any men in the ward she asked if he would do it.  I like having leadership in the my area and as a companion. I feel like we are to set an example and motivate others to do all they can and to enjoy what they are doing  cause we sure do enjoy it! :)  I have lost a lot of weight. I weigh 227 and I'm just doing smaller portions and running in the mornings and some other workouts while comp is in shower before I shower. :) I told dad what happened Wednesday and Thursday and Friday.  we had interviews with pres Harding on Tuesday and that went good nothing too new,  next week we have zone conference and we will be talking about some new things the mission is going to try and do :)  so that'll be fun.  last Monday we went up to the stake center and played some sports and had a great time up there with the other elders.  ya the dam looks like fun and I can't wait to try it :) for the 4th we don't have any special plans just to go out and find people to teach and invite to exercise their faith and be baptized and read and pray :)  normal missionary day just with more families :):)  my comp went to west high school  he does have a face book Holani Olive should look him up he's a cool guy :)  I love you too mom I hope you have a good week and everything goes well for you as well love elder weaver

Hey my week was good! Just had conditioning! No full pads anymore! Gonna miss that! :/ but it was start again in August! :) I'm loving it! Team leader! Were gonna be pretty great thus year! ;) have a great week! Love you! Love Jax! :)
well I'm glad you had a good week.   keep up the hard work my friend! :)  I hope all continues to go well for you. and your happy :)  way to be a team leader!!  I know you'll do great! :)   love you too buddy  love elder weaver 

Mission plaque just has depart date...still considered full mission, then you could register for spring semester...something to think about don't have to decide now :) love you Jacer, continue to be happy and keep the battle going-your winning!!!! Sending lots of hugs and smiles!!! Jax says hello from the couch :) 

hi Jax :)
How's the weather? :) any football advice? :) how's Kay? :)
the weather is ok now still gettin warmer.  it's a little rainy today. go hard all the time and be a good sportsman 24/7!  people see what you do even when you don't think no one is paying attention.  Kay is going ok  her sores are bad again and she has some other things that have come up that don't allow her to come to church so we are still and always praying for her. we are going to see her this week and we we'll probably give her a blessing. :)   how are things in the home ward  does coach Womack still live in the ward? 

You look great!!!! Wish we could surprise you for lunch :) haha, maybe in January :) still thinking then or December anymore?

I'm not sure iv e been thinking about December to be home for the holidays   but my mission plaque will say I only served for 1 year cause the year wouldn't have changed yet.....  ;) 

Hey Jace! How was your week? This week we work 32 hours and was a long week.... This weekend on Friday night I went with Brayden and Marcus to bountiful party and it was a pool party and it was really fun! Brayden new the girls at how we went down.. Then on Saturday night we went to Syracuse days me and the guys and we met up with some girls... It was a good weekend then today I went to Drew Smith farewell along with Braden's and the kid named Kay den Brinckerhoff... It was a lot of church ;)  tomorrow after work I am going to try to go down to Jim Jones's office to get him to sign off on my dental because I don't have my wisdom teeth out it and then the bishop is back and I can schedule my appointment with him.. And then give my appointment with the stake president and get my papers in :). :). :) how was your week? What happened on Wednesday? Did you learn anything new? :) I hope you're having a great experience I can't wait to get out in the mission field!  :)
I love you and hope you have a great week something new!
dang you working man!!  it's good for you :)   you seem like quit the popular guy.  going to all these parties and what nots ;)  haha  that is a  lot of church your right. I hope all goes well in dentists office!  I didn't have my wisdom teeth either... look what happened. well way to go on getting all your appointment s set up to do all that stuff. :)  the mission is a great experience and you'll never regret going on it :):):)  on Wednesday we went out to find new people and we found a lot of good people and they are very interested!! :)  so we are excited about that.  I love you too buddy take care  love elder weaver 

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