Tuesday, September 2, 2014

too fast!

Dad-I can't believe how fast its going by, it's crazy.  well that does sound like fun  making camping spots and fire pits along the way.  I'll keep praying for work to work out ;)   I don't have the 6pack back yet.  get this though, I spoke in sacrament meeting 2 weeks ago and talked about my fasting and prayer experience to decide what school to go to. ad talked a little bit about football. and some lady in the ward last Sunday asks me where I'm from and what I play in football, I tell her and she asks me if I'm going back to SVU to play I said maybe not  probably Weber state or SUU and she said I know the running back coach at Weber...  I was pretty excited about that. she said she'll tell him to look me up on YouTube ad to watch my films.  so that was awesome :) we might start teaching some tech players  while were tabling Thursday one walked by I can't remember his name.  his number is 92  he plays d tackle.  but I told what we do and that I played and also to come talk to me whenever he sees us so we can talk about his games :)  he said he would :)  so that's pretty cool :)   it's the story you told me of when you offered your mom a blessing to release her spirit and she no.. she hadn't suffered enough... that story...  I can't wait for that hug either ;)  I love you dad love elder weaver
howdy howdy howdy :) ya he goes to school at GSU and we are going to try to work out a day we can do lunch  and he can help us teach :)  no other familiar faces...  ya so I told dad an experience from tabling and other than that one no one would talk to us, funny thing though when we set up our board we cleared the hall way,,,  when they saw who we were and what we were talking about everybody left.  pretty funny :) ill keep praying about work too,  dang y'all stayed busy at the temple open house. sounds like fun :)  glad y'all had a good experience :)miss those little family party get together... the apartment is the same. still 5 of us..   there was a baptism from the other missionaries in the ward at the same time of the football game...  but we heard a lot about it :)   gonna try to talk to pres to see we can hit up a game ;)  I've been hearing things about ALS stuff but not exactly sure on what it is...  our wars was chastised on Sunday for not paying fast offerings... that was awkward...  hahaha  I like that quote.. I'll try to write some stuff down.. haha I bet the book looks great mom :)  thank you  I love you mom take care love elder weaver  

the als challenge is to have someone dump a bucket of ice water on you or to donate to find a cure for ALS, then you challenge someonelse.  We have seen some elders post video of them doing it, but it is probably something you should get permission to do from pres. I think that there has been 3 million raised for research, Coach Fitz was the first one that we saw do it and dad said just makes me like him more :) so what's plans today?  how are you surviving the heat? need more otter pops?

yes more otter pops please we are dying,,,   love you mommy

Jordan-well hello there :):)  good to hear from you.  our week was good  I'm glad you like singing I get teased for my singing...  ice so what else are learning knew about the book of Mormon?  any other good work coming up for you?  I love you too Jordan I hope you have a good week and good luck with your jobs.  hey have you heard from or seen Alex weaver lately?...  check on her please?   love elder weaver

Jax- hey Jax :) wow it seems like your excited for ball :):)   how's the team looking in pads?   is Orion supposed to be good?   love you Jax keep up the hard work love elder weaver

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