Monday, September 22, 2014

doing good....

Dad-things are going good,  glad you're getting work and enjoying it. :)     ATL is good can't complain, it's been fun and I enjoy every morning I have to wake up here and talk to as many people that are put in my path.  we are all elder quorum..   I'll keep praying for work..,. so Sunday we talked to this guy who said his friend used to be in the ward and when we asked him his name we noticed we knew the name when he said it we also got a text from the member who we talked to earlier about him and he said oh by the way he's coming to church today so look for him.  it was so cool!! he had to leave early but he said he is coming back and he's bringing some friends with him.   I love you too dad and I hope and pray the best for you love elder weaver

Mom-I love rainy nights, except the next day is really humid and that's not too much fun...   that's cool y'all  got to see that and that's Jax was in it!  is Pres Monson getting pretty old?... dang...  conference is coming up!!!!  s o happy and excited for that!!  so Paul didn't get baptized he fell off the map.  and Leighton hasn't been baptized yet either, he's having some trouble giving up past habits,  the thing is we've had the ward announce his baptism 2 times over the pulpit and he hasn't done it, the third time we kinds keep it hush hush until Friday before to make sure he was still good.  he said he was good but morning of sat with him and bishop and he's not ready  still hasn't given up past things, we had the font filled up and everything with members there and talks ready,  but the best part about it was Leighton got up himself and told the people there why he wasn't ready and the things he's working on.  he said he needs and wants to be ready.  so I'm very proud of him for doing that, I don't know many 20 year olds who would that... 
so scary story, last Monday we played basketball with some guys in the hood and things were getting intense and physical and one elder was feeding it, so one guy gets mad and plays dirty on the elder and the elder gets in his face and pushes him and the guy comes back and  they are yelling and swearing at each other while the rest of us are trying to break it up and spread em a part, after that the guys left and so did the missionaries, but my comp and I travel through the park often because its a short cut to investigators houses.  so we pray often when we walk through it...  training is going good , he's 18 and has that attitude, so that's fun dealing with.  dl is going good so far, made some funny oops moments but nothing too bad yet... haha   yes I love my shoes,  I'll send pics today but I'm not in any of them...  sorry..   I don't know how to best get in contact with sis Harding  probably just send message on fb... or call mission office?   love you too mom  love elder weaver

Monday was good played some basketball and almost got in a fight with some local hood rats, kind of intense... I'm glad school is going well and your liking it. I might be able to see you if the CES thing is broad casting, I'll be looking for you, how's Justin's spanish coming?  he catching on ok?  well glad things are working out for work, how big is the parking lot for troy?  that would be so cool if Justin met the guy down there!!  can you say free meals???  ahaha  love you Jordan have a good week love elder weaver

 Justin did you get my letter?   my week was good can't complain. :):)  Roy coming to the top that's awesome!!  box elder will be a good game let's hope they keep winning and ;) how do you like the temple?   how's your spanish? :)   tell Marcus congrats for me!!   you'll do fine Justin, let the spirit lead you in preparation and be true.  I love and miss you too bro,  love elder weaver

good work Jax man in football this week!  keep up the good work :)   go hard this week too kiddo ;)   most importantly play with sportsmanship.  what was the performance you did?  that's cool you've been in his presence!!  love you too Jax  love elder weaver

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