Monday, September 29, 2014

     We had a real wet weekend crazy rain flooding in southern Utah  just wet up here. I'm sure it will be muddy today you know how much we love that.
     How are things in your world? Do you like training? Are you molding him into the perfect missionary:) are you still enjoying the work? And are you still growing or are you all grown up? I'm funny ha ha any great. Stories this week? I love your stories.
     I hope your great  and happy love you and pray for you all day every day :) keep working hard  smile !!!
       Love you jacer finish strong DAD WEAVER

oh wow...  well glad y'all just got mud and no flood. ;)  I'm funny too. I like training, I like have experiences in the day that can be used as teaching opportunities.  I'm trying to do my best with him.  I do still enjoy the work!!  very much so.  I'm still growing! I'm not sure I'll ever be done growing.  I love you too dad and I need to see a pic with you and your glasses. I haven't seen yet.  love you dad weaver  love elder weaver

it has been crazy over here as well. haha  glad Jax is having a good experience!  I was happy to go to Roy, I feel like that's where I needed to be.  thanks for putting the names in the temple. we are going to the temple on Friday so what do I do with the card after I'm done with it?  should I get it back?...   I saw the pics of Jax he looks like quit the athlete!!  :)  excited to watch him when I get home. who did jordana marry?  is Jordan dating anyone right now? the U lost huh?... dang that's a bummer  sounds like a good game though!!  wow!!  that's the new bishopric?!?!?!!!  that's pretty sweet!!!!  Bishop Womack, can we still call him coach?....  no more hood rat basketball games this week :)  so elder Danklef is a senior missionary.  that's all I pretty know about him.  I have nightly reports I have send to the zone leaders and keep track of myself and I report on the district 2 time a week Monday mornings and Thursday mornings as well.  no pics of me today sorry.  ya we are out till 9ish and its pretty scary at times... haha I like2nephi right now the last 6 chapters1  they were really good and I feel I got a lot out of them!.  I love you too mom take care talk to you soon love elder weaver

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