Monday, November 3, 2014


I guess you could say that I am a champion! ;) we beat north!!!!! In the championship!!!
22-0!!!!!!  I threw a touchdown pass on a half back pass!! And then I got a fumble returned 55 yards for 6!!!!! North was undefeated until that game! ;P and we went 7-2 on the season! :) and basketball starts soon! My week was pretty good along with football ;) love you have a great week! Jax
what?!?!?!!?     you are a champion!!  nice work Jax man!!!!  that's awesome kiddo way to go!  sounds like you had a fantastic game!!!  good job buddy!   are you gonna play basketball for the school?  how are your grades?   I love you buddy and I hope you have a good week this week and let me know how your doin? how seminary?   love elder weaver  

oh wow that's a lot of stuff already developing in a short amount of time...
ok ill keep doin what I can here and try to stay in good shape. thanks dad for the time and effort you've put into all of this and helping me live my dreams so I can be successful and happy. I love you dad love elder weaver
the son of Ross Weaver ;)

crazy November already..  our week was good, last night I get a call from some sisters in the district and they tell me that the other elders in the district had gotten in a fight with each other,  so last night at 12 we switched companions, I have the one who started the fight and elder Lindsey is in the other area now, and its permanent for now so I have a new companion...  that's really the only thing on my mind from this past week... but we didn't see any crazy costumes or people on Halloween.. kinda sad, oh well we saw some really drunk man trying to walk down the sidewalk and was walking dragging his body along the fence , kinda interesting ;) that's crazy though about Jax wining and also Roy still going strong!!  we saw the lst minute of the GTECH game this Saturday against University of Virginia. that was pretty cool!! :)  they have a really nice field and stadium. wow  so do you know about Justin's travel plans??   I would say we can stop by the haslam's but I really didn't know them... just met them twice, and I agree about the hotel thing... I might be able to see the devotional with Jordan singing in it next week as a recording. :)  ill look for him :) how is Kyle doin?  what's he doin with life now?  how's Billy?!?! :)  is he married yet;)  ha-ha  I sent the package Tuesday, it's a big box weighed 24 pounds and the guy said are you in a hurry to get it there I said no and he did just the standard mail thing.. will y'all text carol and tell her when you have it so I know as well?  I did get y'alls treats and the other elders can't stop eating the popcorn they love it and ask for some every time they come in :) let me know if there's anything I need to do to help with WSU. classes  going to temple tomorrow :):)  so happy!!!!!  haven't heard about baptizing Gary yet ill ask today though :)   :):)   I love you too mom love elder weaver

Just called and he leaves at 7:58 Wednesday, should get his visa and passport from FedEx today :/ learning patience and having faith... So what was fight about and tell me about comp, how old, name where from, how long has he been out? Linsey work in admit at WSU said she would help get you all straightened out-Kyle still seemed she'll shocked to be back

honestly don't know... he hasn't said too much about it.  his name is elder Kimball from cedar hills Utah he's been out as long as me, he 20 and goes home same as me if not earlier, we don't know yet...   so she would help with classes??   ha-ha poor Kyle :)

So going to temple tomorrow does that also mean a zone meeting? What's up for this week? Still teaching Leighton? Anyone new?

yes zone training.  no we don't know about Leighton.... :/  and we have good people we are working with, but not too close to baptism...   I need my social security number for a thing for the churches health care act stuff, I thought I knew it but just want to make sure...
if WSU has a program I could started on would y'all be willing to send it me? workout program.  running stuff anything of that type..  please and thank you

Did you get pictures I sent of Jax game? He is excited to start working out with you :) any pictures you sending today?

I did get pics :) he's a good ball player sounds like :) I don't have pics today  still really tired from last night. sorry
That's ok what's comps first name, so we can see if he has FB, do you get to nap today or pretty busy? Any members going to hook you up for a game? Get a bunch of BoM and pass out at next game :) just happens to be game time-ha-ha, probably drunks huh?
max or Maxwell  depends I guess,

we got lucky seeing the game when we did, normally our plans take us elsewhere...  most of them are drunk but it could make for some funny stories ;) 

For sure, We will get with talon and send it off ASAP! Happy? What's plans for today? Need anything?

ya happy little stressed about new guy and very tired..   today we are going shopping and paying some basketball or maybe football,, I might need to learn how to catch again ;)  ha-ha  I don't think I need anything.  how about y'all how's stuff at home?

Trying to finish packing and get organized then clean house, people coming to say goodbye tonight, Justin getting crown put on at 11, dad has been doing a lot to make contacts and get things rolling for Weber, maybe send him another shout out thanks :)

I remember when we were finishing my packing...   dang that was a long ago but it by so fast..

Justin-love you too kiddo. take care of business in Mexico ;)  I hope you know who are and who you have the chance of becoming on the Mission as you Represent Jesus Christ.  allow his atonement to change you in ways you've never thought possible :) I will miss you Justin  but I know where you're going you'll be well in the lords hands and you'll exceed all that you put your mind to because your that type of person.  take care and love everything about what you're doing!! :)   love Justin  love elder weaver

ps  next week we will both be elder weaver's :P

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