Monday, November 17, 2014

home for the last few months-gotta love it!

 missed the last of the game by a few minutes......

Hiya jace! How was your week? Anything spacific stick out in your mind? Anything really exciting happen? Anythung fun planned this week? My week was good! Roy is playing for te state championship this Friday!! And basketball starts tomorrow at 5 in the morning for me! :\ stinks having to wake up that early but it's ok! It will be fun :) my grades are good! Can't wait for you to come home so I can show you all the pictures we bought from mr Vick :) we got a lot and there say cool! It's weird practicaly being home alone with mom and dad cuz Jordan spends his time in his room so it gonna be nice to have you back! Love you! Have a good week! Be safe love you! Jax

 our week was good!   nothing too specific stick out of my mind.  but one guy we sawo the train whos homeless and was talking to himself and talking about how he used to be huge  like buff but he was just a little old chubby guy so that was kind of funny :)   are yall going to roys game again? :)  youll do fie wakign up that early it prepares you for the mission;)  i love you buddy and no worries we hang out when i get home :)   love elder weaver

Hey Elder Weaver!! my week has been great, I went on another date this Friday with a very pretty girl. shes planning on going on a mission so I have to encourage her to go right? I taught y first lesson today as sunday school president and it went eally well.
love you buudy!! more to send next week :)
keep working hard
love jordan

who was your very pretty date??  :) does she have her papers in already??    what was your lesson on? are you able to keep people active in the conversation otr is it pretty dead?  our teachers arent too good at that... haha  i love you jordan take care  love elder weaver

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