Tuesday, November 11, 2014

     Here we are   Again Monday morning and such much to say and so few words to use ;) maybe I'll start off with a few questions, how was your week any fun stories  or experiences you would like to share your still looking great in all your photos slim slim slim can't wait for you to get home so you can help me with my weight problems mostly bench. Get it ha ha I'm so funny. Ok now that the opening joke is over let get down to business.
    Spoke with talon and he spoke with head coach jay hill and jay does not want you going to SUU. and is interested in you so we are working on getting you registered it won't be hard because of you concurrent classes you took in high school. We will have SVU send transcripts to Weber and then pick classes you want so we are getting closer. We will do the best we can to get you moving here, and you keep doing what you do there.  That is you keep being a wonderful missionary!!!! Oh and by the way Weber won Saturday  their first win their a good team just don't know how to win yet but their learning so I know it hard to focus but try:)))  please be safe and smart I love you and I'm proud of you.

                            Love you so much JACE WEAVERS FATHER

haha  I think I need to work on my bench weight as well, haven't been able to do it in 2 years...   so Friday night we left and we go to the Marta station and a homeless man stopped us to ask for food and diapers, for his kid that wasn't with him, and we told him we don't have money but we could pray with him. he said he was ok and was a minister for a church, and he's asking for food and diapers,  so while we are leaving he said something about a prayer and I said well we can pray with you right now and he got upset and said he had God in him and didn't need anymore.  we said ok  have a good day. he said he will have a good one and that he will be praying for us, we said we were thankful and if he needed a prayer would love to say one with him a other time and something made him mad and he started yelling and swearing at us for no reason,... kinda strange but we just walked away..  so I've been sick this week and every morning it was hard to work out  but I'm feeling better now and will be getting back into drills and running with comp so I'll try to be in the best I can be when I get home.    good for Roy that's exciting!!!   and I haven't seen the picture lately in the store  but there's a black Jesus picture with Dreads?...  haha  love you dad  love elder weaver  

Mom-so we only have Marta. I don't know what Carol is talking about...  I kinda do miss elder Lindsey  elder Kimball is counting down the days till we go home... I'm not ready for that yet...  I have caught up on sleep though :)   the fight was stupid... I don't even know how to describe it...  any pics from airport drop off?  how's Jax handling it?   I emailed him so he should be able to email me :)  I think I miss him more now....  weird...  dang rice eccles stadium!!!  :D  that's gonna be exciting stuff to hear about!  can y'all take some pics for me? please and thank you :)  what are the details about my homecoming?.. sorry so short n o time  hold one few min be right back  

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