Monday, November 17, 2014

pressing forward, bumps and bruises and all....

Incredible sights!
no I'll be ok without my coat. thanks though :)  glad to hear your pack meeting so well :)  good for Roy!!  so they are in the championship now??  good stuff good for  them :):)   wow you think they can get 10,000 people there?   I can see it ;)   are they moving back for work again?  tell grandma Sheri I said hello :)  I love and miss her too. I will read y'alls conversation with Justin after I email president. but i'll reply to him again :)  I don't know what is going on..   so we can go to the YSA ward because it's in Atlanta and it'll work better for us to get to the airport,  the airport is actually in my area right now ;)  ha-ha those plans sound good to me.  we had a guy come yesterday and his girlfriend is a member and she has been talking to him lot about the church and he asked us yesterday what he has to do to be baptized and we told him and he's working for 29th of November :) so pretty excited there.  we didn't see any of the game we got there too late from other appointments we had earlier that day.  we are hoping we can play in the turkey bowl. :):)  comp is good  no he hasn't tried to fight me  he won't, the Zone leader was talking to him about it and said you can't do that with elder weaver he said I know he'll break my neck if I do.  I probably won't his neck but I'm not taking his crap ;)  I'm the Alfa male ;)  the district is doin good  sometimes I wonder if some companionships pay attention to what is going on in all our meetings we have...  but things are good :)  I love you mom  love elder weaver
Dad has tried to email you but his phone is looking him out of sending something, so he just called and asked me to vote you know he loves you so much,
He has been working on get registration done he meets with Lindsey Fowers this afternoon to finish stuff up we got your transcripts from svu and so we can get stuff completed pretty exciting huh?
ya that's exciting!!!   do we need to do anything with the clearing house because I'm changing schools?  did I ask that already? sorry if I did.  how long is Justin in the MTC the CCM?
Dad will check into it, I'm not sure, he has pretty much taken it all over and getting things done, he feels really bad he could send his email, he had it all done and dilly phone blocked it-they are working in mt green this morning, temp is 16 but wind chill makes it feel like 6 yuck!!! So cold!
Justin will be in CCM for 6 weeks, so he moves to the field same day we fly out to you, the 17th so you guys missed each other literally by a transfer :/ so what's plans for this week? Where would you play turkey bowl? Who with? How is your ward? They help with investigators at all?
hmm dang phone...   ok  tell him I love him too :)   we will probably play with our ward. don't know where though.  they are really good with new people

What is guys name so we can pray for him? ______________________Will you eat turkey dinner with members or just you 5 in apartment?
_____  we will probably eat the 2 of us in our apartment...
Why just 2of you to eat together, that breaks my heart-where are others going? Still 5 in apartment? ____________ what's new investigators name ? Is he your age? 
because no one signed up to feed us but we just got a txt asking what we are doing on thanksgiving :)  yes still 5 of us  the other elders have ward activities and other plans.  I will pray for her.  he is our age his name is Joseph.

we were playing football last week and one of the other elders was trying to play on D on me and block the ball and in doing so we tripped over each other and fell and put his hands out to catch himself and one of his hands was on the back of my head so my momentum and his coming on me my face was the first thing that made contact with the ground... :)   like my shirt though?
Holy cow, want me to send helmet! Ha-ha!!! Love the shirt where did you get? You look great, great shape! What do you eat?  In ghetto a lot? Scary?

no I don't need a helmet thanks though :)  it was left by another elder.  we eat a lot of stuff..  just trying to stay in portions and healthy foods :)   we are in ghetto pretty often.  I think we have only felt unsafe twice in the past three weeks..

Note from Mom-have to say a little nervous because he sent face pictures and then the ghetto thing, then bathroom thing, and after a few more minutes told me what glad it had nothing to do with ghetto and/or slipping in the bathroom :)  still makes me pray harder when he says we have only been scared a few times in the last three weeks-can't wait to hear why....FAITH not FEAR!!!

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