Sunday, July 7, 2013


Dad-Sundays aren't too busy but they sure can be   yesterday I was able to stand in on confirming a young lady with the holy ghost and also later I was in on ordaining someone a priest and giving him the Aaronic priesthood...  the ward is good ______________ and we get to go to the temple tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :):):):)::):):):):):):):):)     other than that nothing too exciting :)  ha-ha    I love you so much dad!   it's ok to talk about football  I talk about it all the time with new people I meet :)  I tie it back into my farewell talk ;)  gets em hooked ha-ha   :):)   I love talking football  and I think I am the only one who played  so yay :)  ha-ha   thanks for all your love and support dad   I hope you know I wouldn't be who I am today without your help and guidance :) love you dad   talk to you next week   love elder weaver 
Jordan-I don't of any exciting new things about the 4th of July...  just work  ha-ha  :) I hope you have fun in Idaho  cant you stop in Wyoming and get some good fireworks? ;)  hhhmm??  ha-ha  people here tell us they want to take us to go see that movie  but we can't :/   oh well   ill see it later   he are they coming out with a avatar 2??  the blue people?  ha-ha    good luck in all your singing and your fun activities :)  be safe and have fun but not too much fun :)   I love you bro   have a good week   love elder weaver 
Jax-I'm doing good :)  the comp is alright...    good job in  your 7 on7 stuff!!!  I don't think I ever got a pick in my 7 on 7 career... :)  nice work my friend1!!!! :)  have fun on trek and be safe   don't worry about worldly things  just focus on the gospel and church and  the pioneers :)   love you bud have fun     love elder weaver 
Justin-tell Braxton congrats for me!! :)  last season of high school football   you know when ever I hear the  song boys  of fall...  I wish I could have high school and do it again and again  just for the football...  you will miss it it'll go by fast...   make sure you do your best and lead by example.  never get down on yourself  because you always have one more play  but your run out of chances to redeem yourself quickly...   just don't give up and stay strong    weather good or bad season   finish strong I love you buddy I hope you have a good week on trek  :)    love you man :)  love elder weaver

 these are the Lees  the elderly couple in Athens,  they are awesome!!   and the next pick is the Jepson's  in the Athens ward   and then the Cofeds in the Athens ward as well :)   awesome people :)  I love them a lot   the sister missionary is sister Markowitz  she and others say I'm poly because of my size and skin color

 this is our apartment :)  coming in from the door 

 my only friend in the apartment...   my comp isn't too good at taking pics.....blurry

pics of clouds when we had a good storm :)   fun stuff!!  :)  
and this is a pic of Christ smiling I've never seen before,  I like tho :) 

 Shout out to Chandler!

 this is our room and my bathroom and closet  and we have a deer head in our apartment :)



this is bro and sis Paine..  he was telling his max bench when he was 46  was 525 lbs!!!!   so crazy   he is going in for surgery tomorrow if y'all could keep him in you r prayers  that would be nice  thank you
(our thoughts and prayers are with you Paines, we wish you the best and a speedy recovery)

people say I look like buzz...  I don't see it

Mom-sister boles is a lady in the ward who has a husband who is investigating about the church very nice people :)  I like them a lot !! :) she is very nice and a really chill lady :) reminds me of a younger sweet Bete ;)  ha-ha that's awesome free stuff for a month!!! (Ross won a new backhoe for a month)  :):):):)  fun fun fun :)  I wish I was back home working..I see equipment here all the time and I say I know how to work that :) I miss that stuff :)   I have more pics today and more ties too so they can have more variety  to choose from ;) ha-ha   I love you so much mom   our apartment is good  its pretty big and roomy :) I've walked out of one pair of shoes already  and a belt..  so I have one pair of shoes and one belt...    shirts are ok..  could use maybe 3 more?...  I'm not sure...  ha-ha :) I do listen to cds pretty often :)   haven't started biking again yet  I need a bike pump to pump up my tire then I'm sure we will be riding again :)  after the temple tomorrow we have a meeting with pres and sis Harding until 4, where we will meet and get to know them and share about ourselves...   should be fun :)   hey isn't Tory Williams from the 4th ward in my mission now?....   I can't think of anything I need right this second....   is there anything I can do for y'all?? :)  I love you so much mom and I hope you have a good week and enjoy your time with the house to yourselves :):)   I love you mom    love elder weaver 

Note from Mom....He sent a picture of every single tie he has, I think he is trying to pass the time, his companion doesn't talk that much and there have been some very tense moments that we have not shared on the blog, please keep him and his companion in your prayers, that they will find common ground and be able to go about the Lord's work...I keep telling him he may be there to help someone he may not have thought need help...Love you Elder Weaver and all that are helping him and the missionaries in Covington, Member help is so very important and I know that he loves and appreciates you!
(I don't think I'll post the many pictures of ties :))

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