Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Letter from Pres. Harding....

Dear AMAZING MISSIONARIES & Fellow Climbers on the Lord's Mountain: 

(Enjoy 3 Nephi 10-12 today in Book of Mormon, this is an incredible gift, the "visit of the Savior".  Great Conyers Zone:  See the BOM Reading Calendar in Vision Section of the Certification manual - we have been reading the BOM for 20 minutes of personal study, then doing Certification for the other 40 minutes of personal study)

Thank you for reading the Book of Mormon daily, patiently fasting, praying, and following the Lord's will to FIND FAMILIES EACH DAY AND TEACH AND INVITE THEM TO BE BAPTIZED.  Sister Harding and I literally plead with God that He will bless you to be successful in your mission and life, each day and each night.  We testify that Heavenly Father knows your every need and that if you will be faithful, honest and give your all, believing, miracles will come to you personally and to those you are to find and baptize.  We promise you that there is one key, more important to any other, to unlock the power of heaven, it is to exercise great faith in being EXACTLY OBEDIENT.  We call upon every missionary and every companionship, district and zone to renew all efforts to obey each rule and guideline from this moment forward - That miracles may flow to us and others!

Weather Check - Climbing Check - Battle Check

THE MOUNTAIN: As chapter 8 of PMG says, goals reflect the desires of our hearts.  We desire simply to do the Lord's Glorious work of finding, teaching and baptizing souls and families - and we desire to do it HIS WAY (Preach My Gospel). This is the MOUNTAIN THAT HE HAS GIVEN US TO CLIMB daily. 

Weather Check - We continue to climb through storms and sunshine to the BRING SOULS(FAMILIES) TO CHRIST - this is a remarkable day for all of us to work together to achieve a few goals.  To double the amount of families that we have found and committed to baptism, each companionship to make changes in how they work to enable them to reach the standards of excellence (30 blessings, 20 lessons (to an investigator with a member), 5 new investigators, all to church, and each missionary to save(baptize) a soul each month), and we have the goal that EVERY MISSIONARY achieve the basic level of Preach My Gospel "Certification".  Please see the vision of DOING THE LORD'S WORK(Daily finding and inviting to baptism) and DOING IT HIS WAY (Certification as a Master of Preach My Gospel).  This always means preparing and following the Spirit with magnificent faith.  You can do it!  You are divine in your nature, you are sent from God to do God's work.  Thank you!!!

Climbing and Battle Check - Please enjoy being "Exactly Obedient and full of Faith" in accomplishing each detail step of preparation and calling into the District each night- We have the great blessing of being organized into families called a "District".  This is a sacred organization in the church, just like a ward and a stake.  Each district member is so important.  Each has the responsibility as a fellow climber to be a leader and a lifter to help others be safe on the Mountain the Lord has given us. The District Leader has the responsibility to facilitate and organize, but each missionary has the responsibility to lead, lift and encourage each member of the district to move quickly and have great faith to baptize.  We need each other, everyone is a leader to be exactly obedient, to have great faith to find and invite to baptism - to help other missionaries believe.  Every missionary is responsible to the Lord for the outcome of the district and this wonderful mission.  Call in each night having completed all that you have been asked to do, report your miracles, your certification progress and build each other's faith.  Thank you so much. 

Please print out the ATTACHMENT script for the nightly call and enjoy building faith in this time together to share the love of God.

My question for you today in your letter to me is:  Will you be EXACTLY OBEDIENT with GREAT FAITH to "Climb the Mountain" each day of "certification" and "finding and inviting" all to Christ?  Will you be EXACTLY OBEDIENT IN ALL THINGS TO BRING MIRACLES?

President Eyring spoke once of hearing President Spencer W. Kimball, in a session of conference, ask that God would give him mountains to climb.  He said "There are great challenges ahead of us, giant opportunities to be met.  I welcome that exciting prospect and feel to say to the Lord, humbly, 'Give me this mountain,' give me these challenges."

President Eyring said.."my heart was stirred, knowing, as I did, some of the challenges and adversity he had already faced.  I felt a desire to be more like him, a valiant servant of God......."

Each of us, have our own mountains to climb, and we have an amazing gift that we can all climb this mission mountain the Lord has given us together.  You can do it, don't give up.  Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too, for out of the bend and the sweat and the smile, will come life's victories, after a while.

May you know that God is over all things, He knows you and loves you.  He has called you to focus all your time and talent and energy on finding His children, just one day at a time.  He has asked us to invite them and bring them to Him through the restored gospel pathway or route.  He has simply also provided a daily map, a guide, a checklist a "WAY" to accomplish His purposes.  Follow it strictly, learn it, want it, do it and you will be happier than you have ever dreamed.  And you will become everything that you should be.  But you must pay the price of work and discipline like never before.  The investment in yourself and others is worth every pain or sore muscle.

D&C 82:10 is inspiring...."I the Lord and bound, when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."  Let us cast away all doubt and fear and have unshakeable faith to "Find, teach and commit to baptism" precious families.  Let us have the faith to make the changes necessary to reach our goals daily.We pray a great blessing upon you this day, that the Atonement of Jesus Christ will be alive and real in your heart, that the Restoration story will glow in you as well and you will not stop till the great Jehovah will say the work is done.

 We love you, we respect you and we know we can trust you because of your integrity and love for the Lord.  We look forward to being with you this week, to fasting and praying and working and saving others.  We testify that Jesus is the Christ, that this is His church, you are called up and set apart to be mighty and strong, see the Lord's vision for you and for others and for His Glorious work.  We love you.  We admire you, we respect you, we want to help you in any way possible to fulfill your future!

Have a wonderful day and week, accomplish only what the Lord has asked daily, remove all other distractions - Pray for 100% focus on the Lord's Work and Will!

with great love and respect and trust - President and Sister Harding

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