Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Dad-the past 6 six weeks did go by fast for me too!!  and we got transfer calls today   I'm staying in Covington but won't find out who my new comp is until Wednesday when we all meet together... the week was good.   taught the 2 girls again and they are planning on being baptized this coming Sunday  so that is good! we had a zone training with our new mission pres Thursday from 9 to 1;30...  that was a long meeting...  ha-ha :)  then we did service with a member who has been very sick and she has a lot of property and has two zero point turn lawn mowers!!   but only worked and my comp did that the whole time  while me and the other three moved stuff from house to the apartment in the back yard  and trimmed grass around her pool which has green water because all the algae that is growing in it  ha-ha gross...  other than those things nothing too exciting happened. :)  just knocking doors and meeting g new people everyday :) 
about football  I'm still thinking about suu yes  I would love to play full back there!!  and I'm getting in shape  I've lost 10 pounds since I've been here in Covington :)   and the whole viper was kind a joke  but serious at the same time...  like if suu doesn't work out  maybe just doing the viper thing for fun and to beat up on the old guys ;)  ha-ha jk   but I know that when the time gets closer ill know what to do  thanks dad for everything you do for me  and don't feel like your cheating on you hoe...  you'll be back with her in a month ;) ha-ha I'm silly too!   dad I hope you have a great week!  any bike rides coming up?? any fun trips planned?  Justin heard from any other schools???   I love you dad and I hope you know you're the best!!   love elder weaver

Jordan-I'm doing good how are you doin? :)  the weather is getting hotter :(  did a lot of fun things this week   look at dads email ;)  what all did you do the past week? :)  dang you trip sounds  like a blast!!!  don't have too much fun ;)  and remember you are what you eat..... ;)   hahahaha  I'm just kidding g I love you Jordan I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself :)  love you man   love elder weaver

Jax-how's your leg bud??  you doing ok?  I bought you and Justin birthday gifts today ;)  ha-ha   I hope you like em!   I'm not gonna send em yet tho ;)   good job in your 7 on 7 stuff  keep up the good work  and how is football going for you this week  any big fun activities planned?? :)   lover you Jax man  let me know how your doin :)  love elder weaver

Justin-what are your maxs?  do you know?  nice  have fun with talon bird :)  tell him I said hello :)  nice work on gettin grid of the ipod and stuff and focusing on the important things :)  your super mature man dang! :) my comps alright   he's leaving this week and I get a new comp..  I just learned to deal with his stuff and move on  cause it never helped when I thought about it and took what he was doing to heart  so I started letting it go :)   I've been very close to hitting him...  but I know God answers prayers cause I've been asking for patients and I've been gettin it ;)  ha-ha   yes we are having success :)  getting alot of people interested and meeting with a lot of less active people and trying to motivate them and them the best we can :)  keep looking for good girls in gospel my friend you'll find one sooner or later.  and it's ok its later you'll find her ;)  stay positive my man :)  love you bro  love elder weaver   ps  I bought you a birthday gift today ;)  hahaha   I think you'll like it :)

Mom-I will be here for the baptism  and elder kallon is leaving :)  I will make my Book of Mormon work :)  no worries but I will let you know when I may need some help ;)  ha-ha thank you so much for the quote!  I love that!!   the other elders named are Ian Free, and Aaron Oblad  they are the other two in the same ward..  Elder Hales is  a good man  I miss him a lot too!   __________ but ya I answered a lot of you questions in the other emails  sorry  but I have 5 min left  if you still have unanswered questions  please let me know and I answer them next week...  I'm so sorry  in hope you don't think I'm mad or I don't want to talk to you...  I love you very y much mom   love elder weaver xoxoxo I can't think of anything I would like sent to me....    post stamps!!  ha-ha   jk
the Payne's have HUGE dog!!!   his name is duke and is probably friendliness dog ever!!  his bark tho sounds like thunder!!!1   massive animal :)


big car :)  I like it tho   I think it's the biggest set of rims I've seen so far


I bought some sun glasses :)  I like em too hahaha


my mtc comp is finally out in the field! :) 
this a  waterfall in a members back yard :)

 temple trip :)

I am so excited for Jace this week, he gets to stay in area and a new comp....baptisms over the weekend....exciting times :) Thanks for all y'alls love and support! ;)

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