Tuesday, July 23, 2013


my new comp is great dad!  he's from the Atlanta mission and they have a lot more rules then what I'm used to  but I'm getting used to :)   ha-ha  I am growing,  I hope you know I am trying my best to make the most of my time here. the baptism went great!  the girls asked me to talk on baptism so I did and I related it to lion king :D ha-ha   how rafecki tell timon that a journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step and how baptism is the covenant and step to growing closer to our father in heaven eternally and I read 2 Nephi 31: 19-21 and that was ok I thought.. I do feel I am reaching goals and yes growing how I wanted to, also growing in the way the lord needs me to grow... I am starting to be more routine with the journal so that is becoming a habit..   this week after getting my new comp we went to see some ward members and potential investigators,  and we are calling potentials also from 2010 who have been excited to get back in contact with the missionaries  and we have a good week planned ahead for us    other than that nothing out of the ordinary had happened this week.  dad I love you very much and hope you will never forget that   love your son elder weaver 

mom-I do not know about fb in mission work yet..  yes I do like my new comp  his name elder holt from Vegas  but graduated high school from Provo high after family moved.  he's been out barley a transfer longer than me he's 21 years old.   ha-ha are y'all making plans to pick me up already??  ;)  ha-ha   we will defiantly have to go see sweet Bete and some other families in  Athens! :)   yes the Payne's are doing good  he is recovering very well and is an amazing man  and his wife is an amazing women!   the baptism was great  the father baptized them  Mckayla and Kellie Reynolds  ages 11 and 9,  it was a great experience and opportunity to help teach them and  see them be baptized :) after the baptism our lunch appointment was at the church to pick us up so we couldn't get any pics...  sad day  but we will take picks next week for sure!!   oh and I had my ingrown toenail removed today and he took half my nail off   he says he numbed it but I don't believe him cause it hurt pretty bad..  and he let me watch :D  which was awesome!!! even though it hurt I enjoyed watching it :) ha-ha ill use stamp on you yes  and I have a package of stuff to send home as well :)  fun stuff inside of it :):):):)thank you so much for everything you do for me as your son  an I hope you I I'm crying while I'm reading this  cause I think you were maybe getting a little teary as you typed it? ;)  just guessing  probably wrong..   I'm gonna miss the parade and also high school football   I hope someone around here can hook up missionaries to go to a game or two or 9 :)  hehehe I love you mom very much and I miss you with all my heart   love your son elder Weaver 

(letter from Jordan)  Hey goofy, just another fun week for your older brother. To start off a story from what I learned in priesthood.

"Lorenzo Snow showed his confidence in God's assisting power when he journeyed to serve a mission in England in 1840. On the 42-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, he and his fellow travelers suffered through three large storms. He later reported that these were "terrible storms--storms which those accustomed to the ocean pronounced very dangerous." He noticed a difference between his response to the storms and the response of some of the other travelers: "In a number of instances, to say the least of it, the scene was fearfully terrific. I did not feel surprised that men, women and children who had not learned to trust in God, wrung their hands in an agony of fear, and wept."
 "My trust was in Him who created the seas and defined their bounds. I was on His errand--I knew that I was sent on this mission by the authority He recognizes, and, although the elements raged and the ship swayed and trembled amid the heaving billows, He was at the helm, and my life was safe in His keeping."
I wish I could highlight some things that stood out to me, but I want you to find what stands out to you my friend.

Love ya buddy.
Love Jordan

Jordan thank you so much...  this experience is amazing.. I hope you know how much I love you and I thank you for all that you've done for me in my life :)  thanks dodo ;)  hehehe well my friend I hope you have a great week and I hope your safe in all your travels and at work :)   I love you Jordan  love elder weaver 

Justin- let me know what your maxs are when you find out :)  I like the area   I have a new comp his name is elder holt from Vegas but he went to high school in Provo cause his family moved there later..   haven't eaten too much fried food..  no fried ice cream either,,, :( oh well :) the raptors game sounds like it was fun!! :)   don't have too much fun with your pest control ;) hahaha  I'm so funny :) I love you buddy and I wish you the best of luck this week :)  love elder weaver 
Jax- I'm good :)    good luck next week in your eagle board of review. :)  I hope y'all will watch these movies with me when I get home;) ha-ha   tell Austin I said hello!! :)  I hope you the best of luck in football and all that you are doing :)  love you bud  love elder weaver

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