Monday, July 29, 2013

I love you weaver family

   Loved your letter last week, you sound like your growing  a lot  and having a great experience. I sure hope so, I want your to have a great growing time. Growing closer to your savior and father in heaven, it look like from all your pics you are working very hard, you're a great man I'm so proud to see want you have grown into, I so look forward to your emails. And often want to email you through the week bout I know you can't read them,
     So did you have a good week ? How the comp? How's your health? Are you happy? Is the weather still hard on you? Are you getting used to it?
     We see Face book posting from coach Fitz and it reminds us of a year ago, how fun  and how hard it was leaving you at SVU. But what time you had to grow and learn, and hey you've played college football. That is amazing your awesome. You can do hard things, and you know that with the lords help you can do anything. As a young father I never thought I could feel so much joy in my sons success and happiness, thank you for sharing your life with me. Please remember how much I love you and pray for you success and joy, please be happy enjoy love the time you have left, you can see how fast life goes, so don't waste a moment, not long from now you'll be looking back wondering where it all went, just like how fast football went so take a deep breath and enjoy. Be amazing it is so in you, so let it out and share it with the folks in Covington.
     Be great! Be happy! Be loving! Be strong! Be close to your father in heaven! I can only feel a small part of the joy and love that he has for you. And it is good. love you bud enjoy, Dad

Dad-I hope I'm growing ha-ha and maturing a lil ;)  I feel I am growing closer to my father in heaven and my savior as well  even the more I read and study the scriptures and try to teach it to people and finding ways to help them apply it to themselves  in their trials and repentance :) even though I can't read emails throughout the week still shoot me a message and I'll get to it on Monday :) my week was real good  on Monday after we went back and changed for the rest of the night we had a teaching appointment and we took a less active with us and the investigator knew him from school and what not and the investigator said he would be at church if he saw his good friend there and so then the less active member said he would come to church.  he hasn't been in about 6 months  :)  so we are very happy and excited to see an investigator reactivate a less active :)  that was awesome!  my health is good  my comp is a little sick though  and he's a good guy  but he likes to get into my stuff.  he thinks that because things are bought with the lords money or the mission card that its for both of us...  which I don't fully agree with...  but I'm trying to be nice ...  yes I am very happy!!   and the weather isn't too bad anymore I'm starting to like it more :)  its crazy to think I've been away from home for almost a year already and only 7 months of it is the mission...  crazy how time flies. dad I'm very happy you are a part of my life and that you've had such a large impact in all that I've done and that I will do in the future. thank you so very much for being the man that you are. I get compliments all the time saying  wow your parents taught you well,  your father taught you to be a real gentle man,   your mom must be spoiled,,  the only reason I get those is because I watched your example as a young child and I've learned how to be from you   so thank you very much dad :)   I love you so much dad  thank you so much for being my father :)   I love you dad   love your earthly  son  elder Jace weaver  

 Hey there my friend, I hope you are enjoying your mission and still working hard.Moses 1:39 For behold, this is MY work, and MY, glory to bring to pass the immortality an eternal life of man.I like this scripture because it talks about why you are out there serving a mission my friend. It is to bring to pass The Lords work and His glory. Always remember that you are doing His work and that you and every other missionary out there have dedicated 18-24 months of your lives to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.I had a fun week this week, and am looking forward to going to Flaming Gorge this weekend :) going to go swimming and hiking and just enjoy the outdoors.So how's the new companion? You guys get along pretty good?Well that's all I've got for you my friend. Keep working hard and remember why you are out there.Love Jordan
thank you so much for the love and support you show to me and always being there for me. hope you have fun this week end and don't have too much ;) I love that scripture because it does that it reminds me of why I am really out here and how I can help people grow closer to god and Jesus Christ through a very simple way  have a good week and stay safe and say your prayers ;) love you Jordan love elder Jace weaver

 Hey how are you? How's the new comp? Are you guys getting along better than your other? Do you like your new area? Do you like the people in your area? Do you like your new apartment? M good! I past my eagle board of review and I now have my wage just need to wait and have my eagle court of honor and I need two more merit badges and I will have three palms! On Saturday at my 7 on 7 my team took 3rd or 4th and our first team took first and I played on the second team and played fullback not tail back and didn't really like it :/ I played F because we had another tail back that starts before me so I rotated at F :/ but I got more experience! Me mom and Justin are already shopping for school clothes :/ kinda excited for school to start very excited for football to start! :) school is going to be interesting because I won't know very many people but I will meet people fast like I always do!! ;) what did you do on the 24th of July?? The parade was pretty good as usual and swimming was fun! :) how's the weather is it pretty crazy? Here it's pretty fun during football it rained for like ten minutes then stopped then rained again!! :) Jerico is funny he is good some days and all happy then other days he's slow and all limpy and slow and mopy. Registration is next week. Love you love JAX WEAVER

I'm good  new comp is good  yes we get along very well :) I'm still in the same area :) I love the people in  my area :)  dang son!!!!!!!!  already done with your palms?!?!?!?!  your the ultimate scouter my friend!!  way to go  man!   hey bud  fullback is the dream position :) I loved it so much and I know that if you keep playing that position then you'll grow to love it as well and you'll never want to play any other spot ever ;)  ha-ha   why aren't you excited for school?  on the 24th we  went and did service for sister boles and missionary work :) nothing too different from our day to day lives :) ha-ha   keep the dog safe and love him cause you never when he won't wake up...  not trying to be mean or offend anyone   but love the dog because he doesn't know any better and all he does is love ya'll and me as well  so love him back :)   I love you bud and I hope you have a good week  and stay safe and do great at football :)   love you bud   love elder Jace weaver

Jace!!! How be you homeboy from west wood! Represent!!!!! I met up from some homies from Scottsdale thee other my man, and they asked about how you be!! I tell them that you've good!! ;) ha Wednesday for the 24 of July we to the parade and then went and saw red two!! That was way funny!! And then we went to leslies and swam!! While we were swimming chandler swam to me and put his arm around me and pulled me close and said where is Jace? I said on his mission.. And he was like...I miss him.... Then he said tell him I said hello.... So this is chandler saying "hi"  so swimming was fun!! And the midgleys came up except for madi and that was fun! This last week and the next two weeks we are conditioning and just getting into shape! And usually after that we go, to work and help dad out!! I've started talking to this girl from Fremont... And her name is Nikki.... ;) ha and we have a date this week, so hopefully she'll be quite the gal and be a fun date!
 If a catholic investigator asked you what makes you're priesthood more important or the right priesthood and, and what makes our priesthood wrong?? What would you tell them?
I was Asked that in priesthood and I didn't know what to say.. So just kind of something to think about..ha
Love you Jace! You're a great man!! Represent my brada! Ha ;)

our priesthood was restored on the earth by man named Joseph smith, and we can trace our priesthood line of authority back to Christ himself.  can Catholics do that?  :)  maybe , maybe not..  we just testify to them that JS restored the true gospel and was given the authority of god known as the priesthood :)  
I'm glad y'all had fun on the 4 and 24  I missed it a lot!!  and Chandler makes me cry!!!   :')   that kid is an amazing person and has a beautiful soul!!  keep up your hard work and dedication in football and it will carry on in schooling and your mission later on in life my friend :)  I hope you know I miss you and all the times we had, like driving to school and to dates and hang outs  and parties.  just having that good with you was good :)   oh  tell Jax  ya'lls birthday gifts are in the mail  so be looking for a package ;)   I love you man and keep doin the things that make you happy and make god happy  :) read Enos 1;27 :)   love you Justin  love elder Jace weaver 

Mom- toe is fine and healing great  yes I keep it clean :)  no worries :) I'm getting hair cut tonight  comp is gonna do it for me..  boy friend is doing good  no he's home from camp yet  yes talk about baptism but not sure I'll be here for it... :(one new investigator  on date to be baptized the 17th of this month.   that quote is going the mission as well we got it the other day in a voicemail :)  good stuff :)   mom I'm so sorry I can't talk too much today  there is a lady wait not very patiently and I need to finish up  but re-ask question next week :)  I promise I will have time:)   I love you very much and I'm very sorry for cutting it short today,,,,   I hope you know I love you and the example you have set for me and how you have trained me ;) to be who I am now   I love you mom   love elder Jace weaver
I have pics for y'all  but forgot cord  so ill send em next week  so sorry I'm forgetful...   I love y'all and if I can do anything for you  please let me know! :)   I love you weaver family :)  love me  elder Jace weaver
I decided to include all of the letters this week, love that they all have such a great relationship!  So lucky to call them mine :), feel so blessed!
not sure what's up with the "gangster" language with Justin?
quote I sent him...
"Obedience brings blessings, strict obedience brings miracles!" hard for me not to get on and IM when I know he is on, but I know that he will be blessed if I restrain and help him be obedient to the mission proud of you Jacer, love you, Mom


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