Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Mom-so first off before I forget...we have two girls on date you baptized on July 21 :)    their dad is going to it for them and they will be confirmed the next week in church :):)   sweet!!!  ha-ha  we have had a lot of rain recently..  but I like it :)  I've made some pretty cool movies :) ha-ha  I find the ties in the new closets I move in to and their nice ties or at least ties I like  so I call em mine  and some of em are so ugly I just wanted to show you :)  ha-ha  ya the gun thing was pretty scary...  and yes it's just a southern thing  everyone has a gun,,  some counties its law you have to have a gun in your house...   kinda cool I think :) I'm feeling pretty good :)  and my eyes are getting better. the temple was amazing!!!!!!  pres Harding is a pretty good guy. like to talk,  and no I haven't told him about my comp yet I will today in my letter to him.    ____________________....   tell Shaun I said hi and congrats with baby :)  nice sounds like a fun week ahead for everyone!!! :)  not gonna lie I still have dreams of high school football,,,,  man I miss it  :)   oh and my scriptures are starting to fall apart... :/  some pages from the book of Mormon part and falling out....  I love you so much mom and thank you for all you do for me as well :) stay safe and hope y'all have a good week and all sorts of exciting adventures ahead of you!  love you mom love elder weaver 

Jordan-the 4th of July was ok...  my comp wouldn't let us celebrate the tiniest bit...    so we were in the apartment early and  couldn't even talk to people in all the popular areas   we went tracking...  when no one was home....    fun stuff... you are a professional fisher man!!!!  :D ha-ha    so you would finish school in san Fran.?    wow that awesome Jordan!   I love you man and keep up the hard work and tell everyone hello for me!  love you   love elder weaver 

Dad-I  got the com thing figured out..  thank you very much for all the love and ________________ I do miss football very much  and I have been kinda thinkin about playing for the vipers.. the team that Rex owns  the guy from Roy  don't know if you remember him or not...    but ya  thought that would kind a fun  to do to pass some time ha-ha   I love you dad   we had a great week!!   how was yours??   anything exciting coming up??   love you dad    love elder weaver

Jax-sweet!!!!    I don't know what brother this is  but that's awesome!!!   I hope and wish you the best of luck  in football!  what was something new you learned ? :)   love you bud have a good week   love elder weaver

Justin-my comp problem is whatever...  no biggy :)   I'm glad you had good time on trek :)  did you learn anything new? :)  meet any new people? :)   what kind of conditioning are y'all doin this week let me know cause I wanna know what's all going on with ball this season :)...   I would like to apologize to you as well Justin... I'm very sorry I missed you r football season last year and I'm going to miss this year as well..  I really wish I could've there for you more last season and more this season too,,,  I'm the reason you switched schools,,, you could've stayed at Bonneville and still done better than me cause that's how you are,, you're a better athlete and student then I am...  hope you don't let up at all this season Justin..  you will forever regret it and you will never be able to forgive yourself for that...   play all out balls to the walls   be the crazy linebacker off the replacements movie.. get bloody noses  break and set new records!   that sound like a lot but why not try?   it's something to work towards,,  and if you don't want to...   why not?   why do it?  those records had to be set by someone,  records were meant to be set and broken by the best.. Justin you are the best on Roy high school football team and in that region of high school football   don't tell anyone tho   don't get cocky and tell everyone   let them find out by how hard you hit how fast you run how high you jump and the amount of effort you put into all of you playing!    never play below your level I love you Justin   I hope you have a good week   love elder weaver

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