Sunday, March 24, 2013

choppin wood

Letter to Jax…

I'm doin good bud how are you doin? he is doin good as well. good luck with your basketball playoffs tonight!! play hard :)record all the new psych episodes!! ;) haha so I can watch them later... I see cool cars all the time bro, but sometimes I can't get my camera out fast enough but I try I got one fore you today tho;) haha anything I can do for you let me know :) have a good day and upcoming week. love you bud love Elder Jace Weaver p.s. how are your grades coming??

the car in this pic is a grandma like the red one grandma and grandpa use to have :) it sits pretty high!!;)


Mom, real quick before I forget. I'm praying for you and your surgery tomorrow :) all will be well:) maybe have dad Jordan Justin give you a blessing? :) happy st patty day to you!! all I s going good for us the elder who my comp punched actually got sent home for his mental psyche... and the other one got reassigned soooooo we have the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):) I'm the only who drives because my comp doesn't have license :P yes!!!! hahaha good stuff :) kalid is going good he won't pray he thinks it's a waste of time... but he is opening up us a lot now and we just need to tell him that we are with him only to invite and not to answer question... hopefully that works :) mom you are a great skid steer operator ;) everyone loves it when you come to work :) hahaha I love you mom :) and I hope I don't forget when the time comes but happy birthday now incase I do forget... please forgive me ;) thank you for the quote! I love it and I can apply that to everything I am doing here in Georgia :) let me know how things go tomorrow and ill talk to y'all next week love you mom :) love elder Jace Weaver
Dad, hahaha austins only down fall is that he like a school whose football team can win very often ;) next time y'all argue about who is better bring up lots wife in the bible Gen 19:17 ;) its scripture from the lord to stop dwelling in the past :P hahaha be safe in you doing rocks and work in general im hoping that after these two years ill be able to do some work with you, walking around tracting the other day found a house doing work in the back big dumpster and a skidsteer :) guy working it had no idea what he was doing ;) made me smile :):) i went over and starting talkin to the guy who was watching and offered our services and told him about my experience and that we work for free and our schedules are pretty flexible he said thanks but no... we are gonna plan to see them again thursday and offer again just too make sure ;) haha i love you dad your awesome have a good week and ill talk to yall next week :) love your son Elder Jace Weaver

ps since i am on a bike i shaved my legs ;) hehe ill send a pic soon let me know what y'all think of my legs ;) the pic of the sticker on the car says ill take a mormon over a moron anyday :)
mu shaven legs ;)

 we went and split wood which is very hard... kinda upset about how hard it was.. but is was a blast and pretty funny ;)

a lady in the ward asked for moms number and i have given it to her name is bete wright but everyone calls her sweet betty :) be ready for her call ;) haha pretty southern and likes to talk a lot and is hard of hearing... :)


this dog is huge i couldn't get his full size in the pic it's a wolf... weighs almost 200lbs and barks like a bear!!! i know bears don't bark but if they did this would sound like it :) and this is our breakfast this morning eggs rice sausage and corn :) mmmmm

food on my plate :)  haha talk to yall next week

 Thanks to everyone that is writing me, keep it up....


Letter to Justin…read mosiah 24: 13-15, have patience my friend, :) all is well and everything will work out as long you realize your eternal goals in life and the steps you need to take to get there you're a smart kid and you will make the right choice. :) I have faith in you Justin :) time only gets going faster and faster bud tings don't slow down. that's life.. Justin I want to help and encourage you as much as I can but you gotta see the other people that could so a better job of it because they are closer to you at home.,,, if you ever need to talk about anything and don't want mom and dad to know write me a letter and ill write you one back, but know it's not good to keep things from mom and dad,,, they are the ones who could and will help you the most they are your parents and love you, and don't worry about if they'll stop loving you,,, they won't they can't not because they have to love you but because they are blessed to love you, god has them as our earthly parents because they are the ones that will love us the most and can and will help us toward our goals both in this life and the next... and as far jax buggin you,,, role with it I don't know what else to say when I read his letter and see the love he has for everyone surprises me because I was pretty rude to him growing up...

have fun at prom!! dance your heart out!!! :) have fun that's I regret the most is not having fun when everyone else was... so have fun :) keep working hard for ball before you know it you'll be taking off your cleats for the last time in high school football... the song the boys of fall when the coach says you'll never get that chill that feeling of excitement role down your neck and your back the mental excitement of being able to this, you'll never have that feeling again... playing college ball,, I was pretty excited about and pumped! but not one season of college ball could ever compare one game oh high school football just remember the things and talents you've been blessed with, and those people who are not as blessed... don't do it all for you do it for those who physically and mentally are not able to do it....... never give up an opportunity to go out on the field injured or not you play! sick or not you pay attention to the film and practice and always compete against you, you on you will allow you to see your faults and your strengths. only you can allow yourself to become the best,

we might see each other for 3 years... but you are still and always will be my younger brother who I will do anything for. our family relationship will not change because of three years. ;) please keep praying and pray for patience, the feelings of confusion are satin... don't let him win... 2 Nephi 31:8 talks about the plainness of the gospel.. it's not just the gospel that is plain we as humans over complicate life all the time, when that happens take a step back take a deep breath and look at your life,,, hear the silence,,, find yourself.... :)

keep getting stronger that's good! and will always benefit not only you but also the people around you and the ones you serve :) love you Justin keep your head up and do as it says in Gen 19:17 ;)

I love you Justin have a good week :) love Elder Jace Weaver

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