Sunday, March 24, 2013

first letter home

HELLO!!!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!! i hope everything is going for y'all ;) haha this is awesome i love it here and i am FEELING THE SPIRIT!!! yes :) haha my comps name is ryan poulsen hes a pretty cool guy so far but he is a lil man haha he weighs 135 lbs :) haha my district is awesome!! i love everyone in it! i leave Febeuary 12th for the field!! :D YAY!!!!! nhaha i can not lie the food.... is kinda gross... ive puking all day today and couldnt go to classes.... :/ but i feel better right now and im pumped to get an email back!! :) we are really focusing on loving the people that we teach, its hard at first but it comes to you! :) maddi midgely wrote me a letter and i got that yesterday :) she is awesome! haha if y'all could send her or her a dad a message saying how much i appriciate her and her love that would be awesome!! and also tell her she was the first letter i got ;) haha i dont think ill be able to write to her until im in the field cause i feel so busy right now with everything going but i will write her back :) thank you guys so much!!! your all awesome and i love you all with all my heart :) and i cried like a baby wheni read my letter you gave me and im crying now because i have so much love in me i cant contain it!! mom do not worry i am getting over my upset tummy ;) haha i hope i answred all your of your questions :) my next p day is next friday :) i hope to hear from everyone before then or after ;) whatever y'all prefer :) hahaha  

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