Sunday, March 24, 2013

Athens, Georgia

I made it! :) Our mission president is awesome. Very nice and loving people. Elder Edmunds is great! So good to see him and catch up on things! Amazing people! I placed my first Book of Mormon today!! Bernard was on the train and so I went over and talked with hime! So Good! My companion is Elder Fetuli, on a bike, in Athens Georgia, he's from Hawaii.

at the bottom of the letter is a map with his area circled and a "Me :)" arrow to it...
Elder Edmunds is a young man that lived in our ward for a few years, he and Jace had a great relationship, Jace looked up to Billy so much and Billy has been a great example to Jace, we were so excited to hear he was going to pick him up from the airport on the 12th, because Elder Edmunds is the AP....
So happy for Jace, and so nice to know where he is in Georgia, love that he is with an islander...he loves them, maybe he will do the Huaka with him :)
Heart is so full, miss him like crazy, but so proud of him....

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