Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hello everybody....

hello everybody! real quick i leave the 12th flying delta flight number 2218 :) just so you know dad last i was so many hahas is because i was so excited to email y'all!! :) haha days are going good things woth my companion are kinda rough he has bad anxiety and lets it effecthim like crazy and hes very prideful and takes charge of most of our lessons... working things out woth him;) havent had to get physical yet hope it doesnt come to that... haha :) tell everyone to me again :) i love hearing from people and im trying to write letters back its going slow because dont really have much time to write but i am working on it :) jax i am sorry i wasnt there to talk with you bud... i hope you know i cried like a baby after you told me that... haha and dont worry about your durby car :) asd long as you had fun on it :) stay happy bud... justin!!!! good luck with max week this coming week i know youll make 1000 pound club!! and get a cool shirt like me ;) we can wear em to match ;) if mine still fits... haha jordan thats awesome about your trip!! i hope you get to go and your safe :) mom and dad i love you both very much and i appriciate all y'all did for me as growing up in the gospel and being a young man :) i have a request for you... please send more socks :) hahahaha thanks :) and my copression shorts so i can work out in them and can you ask alex weaver to write me and send a picture of herself and include another to an elder in my district who has not gotten a letter since he has been here... he is a convert for 16 months and his whole family is catholic and they dont support him... its weighing him down bad and he is starting to feel like he shopuldnt be serving... i told him id get my twin sister to write him and he alright :) so if you could please pass that on to her and have her write him a letter that woiuld be great... elder dipadova he would like to tell everyone he is really short and attractive... hes ok ;) hahaha hes a good kid!! been to the temple twice did a endowement session today and it was awesome!! :) ive seen mo a couple times and a lot of other kids from bonneville :) good stuff :) haha oh and for the other elders addreesss its the same as mine just his name is different :) well i hope i answered all your questions :) i think it would easier if y'all would put your questions down in order of numbers or something like that,,, haha :) thanks i love you all very much and you all awesome and i miss you like crazy!! stay safe and awesome :) feel free to put this on facebook and also just asking did you put my blog thing on facebook too?? just asking :):) love you all your all awesome and keep the letters coming :):):):):) ps im taking pics ;)

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