Sunday, March 24, 2013

the work is going good!

I'm so glad everything went good for your eye and I glad I did get dads message on Tuesday thank you so much your eye looks really good! I'm glad I could help out with Justin.. hope he is able to have a calm heart and a clear mind...

we couldn't do the skid steer work cause the guy wasn't home and his wife wasn't too happy we offered so we might have to let it go for a week or two and retry later... :/ oh well

the work is going good last night we taught a guy who worships an idol and doesn't think there is a god so we read in alma 22 with him and stopped every so often to ask the same questions the scriptures were asking... it was good I testified about Joseph smith and how he went through trials and died for this beautiful gospel and that he saw god the father and Jesus Christ. and testified to him about the power of prayer and my experiences with prayer.. he said the closing prayer after we were done :) YES!!!! so good his name is zack watne and his wife is a member and is a teacher in primary they are both from Utah too... we are meeting with him every Sunday evening Khalid is alright we didn't meet with him this week he was out of town for spring break... but we have his number now and will set a time for tomorrow. we also picked up a guy named sunny really cool guy he is visiting his sister in the ward who just had knee surgery.. he has been to church the past 2 weeks and will be here another month so we are gonna see him wed and teach our stuff ;) he says he wants to know more and he could be baptized he said that! and we said we could help with that ;)

the members are awesome!! I will get pics for next week and explain more about them next week... sorry... and some of the members have said that they have added me on fb... just fyi...

we hand out a ton of cards everyday! it's crazy how many people we talk to... we do do our own laundry and my garments are working out good but I might need some smaller bottoms ;) ha-ha seriously tho :) I have to tell you... Saturday was so hot!!!!!!! I was sweating right when we opened our door! and we were on our bike that day to save miles on car and I could believe how wet I was!! it was like I got out of a pool and I still had my church clothes on... crazy stuff!!!! :):):) don't stop because you think you take too much time we have 2 hours on the computer... we have time ;) tell people to keep writing me and I hope everyone is going good tell grandma pat happy birthday for me and tell grandma and grandpa Beardall thank you for the letter they sent to my comp.. he really liked it and is thankful thanks everyone for all that you are doing for me I'm happy your all in my life and have helped me grow into what I am today thank you... oh and we found a guy named Richard Weaver in our ward his name is in pink which means do not contact... we went to his house :) just wanted to see my family! ha-ha he wasn't home tho... we will have to see him another time.. ;) just found out we are losing the car.... we will have to get a ride to church from members now.... dang

the weeks are going by faster and faster!! dad thanks for all that you do for me and don't worry about us having a car I have been tightening my belt to the next whole so I'm losing weight! :) I hope my legs will someday look like yours ;) I hope work keeps up! I pray you'll always stay busy. hope thing continue to work out for everyone love you dad I always have and always will look up to you! love you dad love elder Weaver

my comp is way stronger ;) keep up your hard work in ball and school and don't be nervous about track it's just running in a line and jumping... nothing to be nervous about! ;) I will keep trying with the cars its hard cause they are driving and we are too but I am trying tho!! love you

we found a blue light bulb and an orange bulb and put in :) our fridge is weird its cold and warm and all of sudden freezing the heart bowl is my breakfast this morning the milk is like ice cream it froze over night... it was still pretty cereal tho :) and then there is a sun set beautiful :) love y'all so much and wish everyone the best of luck in the upcoming week love y'all love yours truly elder jace weaver

Justin if I can do anything else for you please let me know.. I'm excited for you and your upcoming football and track seasons go hard and don't ever stop being you :) love you buddy for no reason I can't get the scripture out of my head Mathew 5:24

                                            the convertible is a mustang just so you know ;)
Jace maybe missing his car :) he has a convertable mustang too....if you look closly at the sunset picture, there are a bunch of backhoes....maybe missin his dad and work too!


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