Monday, March 25, 2013

another day in the field :)

Mom, HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY!!! :) Ha-ha I was gonna email on the actual day but couldn't.... I'm sorry.., :( I'm glad you didn't cry cause I was about to.. ahah it good to hear y'all and actually talk with you I kinda forgot what y'all sounded like ;) jk things are goin good I just some stuff in my throat that day I'm better now yes I got Easter package and thank you for all the goodies :D holly cow you sent a lot of stuff!! haha glad y'all are keeping busy and work is going good sorry y'all can't go to st george... jax good luck with your toe!! hope he doesn't take off too much and you only be able to count to 19 ;) haha just kidding dinner that night was good! i cant send pics today... left camera at home.. :( sorry.... tell all of the family i said hello back :) i wish i could go to the temple... i cant for 2 years:'( i don't know if ill make it that long...? ;) i will church is good love my ward and the members in it great people! we get mail pretty often the mission office gets it and they forward it to the missionaries in the different areas.. it take a little long but we still get mail. very excited for conference we are going to go to the church and watch it and we are planning on having investigators there with us too!! :) we have someone on date for 13 of April and is excited because he isn't a religious guy and doesn't know too much about baptism and said he will be baptized when he knows more :) that's what we missionaries are here for my friend ;) I didn't really say that tho ;) no Easter plans... missionary work ;)

well I think I answered all your questions and said I needed to say ;) I have a question tho... could yall send me my black royal hoodie? unless someone wears it that's fine ill get a 10$ one here that's probably just what ill do :) so never mind about the hoodie :) love you mom and i always will love your son Elder Jace Weaver

Dad, I think I might have hit a hole or something... the sidewalks here are not very flat or even so that might it too.. I will ride on a moped behind you dad in lotoja ;) haha we could try it? maybe start smaller tho and work our way up to that? :) haha I wasn't mad or judging the gay guy I just said what was on my mind he wasn't offended or anything he was just getting my opinion.. I love the people I teach and it's a miracle to look in their eyes and see the understanding of God's plan and of how everything works out, come to their understanding! AWESOME!! I can't believe Bonneville is getting another coach!! I laughed out loud as I read that :):):):) I'm so glad we made the switch to Roy! thanks for all you and mom sacrificed for that to happen, brings up a question.. has jax decided on when he is gonna move to sandridge?? ;) haha glad work is going good and yall busy :) love you dad and your awesome! love Elder Jace Weaver

WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1,000 POUND CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY MOBILE HOME BOY DID IT!!! ;) good job Justin that's great and now you can still only get better! keep that confidence and stay strong! glad you have the week off lucky duck... ha ha be safe at work and at track love you tons kiddo :) love your bro Elder Jace Weaver

Jordan-wow... thanks for the short letter... glad your graduating! ;) how about the whole getting married thing?? how's that goin? you said you'd get married while I was gone... I've been gone for awhile now!! what else are you waiting for man?!? ;) love you jord and no I haven't been reading we've been asked to not to until 6 months into the mission... I'll get to it ? ;) love Elder Jace Weaver

Jax-good luck throwing man! I'm excited for you and have running the 400 I couldn't do it ;) good job... I'll be thinking of stuff for your project :) keep up the good work in basketball love you buddy boy love Elder Jace Weaver

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