Sunday, March 24, 2013

made it!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Made it!

I did make it!!! :)
ya we bike a ton its good stuff I like it!! :) my comp is 20 and I like him a ton he's so chill and outgoing!! we will look for brother haslam ;) haha tell all of them hello back for me :) i loved talking with yall it was good to hear from everyone!! i love yall so much
flying was good had a window seat and took some good pics :) it was awesome with all of the missionaries someone thought we were going to crash and someone else yelled we wont crash 50% of the plane is missionaries :) it was pretty funny haha :)

comp is 20 years old been out nine months, he's been in Athens for 4 months, no he did not play ball

first week has been really good!! talking to a lot of people and getting to know the area pretty good the wind down here is crazy!! it blows pretty hard especially while on a bike... haha

short sleeves :)

bike was already put together when got here, been riding a lot!

elder Edmunds is good!! so good to see him again :)

mission home was good had some good food and good sleep ;)

yep all settled in apt.

church was good not too big and yes family ward

yes eat with members food is great and eating good ;) don't worry about weight ;)
we email from where ever we can pretty much... haha

dad I would love to give yall my address but president said he wants all stuff to go to the mission office :/ so we don't get distracted by extra mail during the week... the coach actually used to coach at the university of Utah so he knows Mormons and has em over sometimes and takes to some games.. hope I get in on some of that!! ;) we might get a tour of the stadium soon some members in ward have hook ups :D pretty excited for that and we could track miles ;) I might be one or two ahead of you though ;) haha just kidding
that's great all my friends are getting their calls and liking my stuff! :) good good :)
Good bye Utah....

i will try and send more pics right now :) tell everyone to keep writing me!! my pics are from the plane ride and the last day and last night in the MTC and some of air port and apt. :)

well that's all the pics for now :) love you all very much and boys keep the hard work and pray for help with all things :) love yall

let's set a family goal... Alma 48 and lets be as Moroni was ;)
the whole chapter, but i like 17 ;)
love yall :) talk to ya next week

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