Sunday, March 24, 2013

broken bike

got a surprise email on Thursday, March 21st

the past two days the back tire on the bike has been rubbing on the frame... last night I took off the back tire to see what the problem was... I found the thing that goes through the gears and holds the bike in place is broken... I have no idea how it broke because we don't do anything crazy! I couldn't sleep last night because I was nervous to tell y'all and I'm worried about how much it will cost to get a new piece and just have me put it back together or have to have someone do it... I'm really sorry this happened but I honestly don't know how it could have broken and bent the way it is... the part on the paper is the thing that goes inside of the other thing that broke and its bent, as you can see, but its why the tire rubs cause whenever I peddle the tire rubs on the side of the frame.. it has the quick release on it? I'm sorry I don't know the names of the parts..

Hi ya pal,
You shouldn't ride on it could do more damage, and you could get hurt, dad is checking with a bike shop called the HUB, its 4 miles away from your apartment, to see about getting the part....I keep in touch,
Are you still on?

heres the other pics I was talking about... we have two appointments tonight and I have to ride on it even tho I know it's not the best... but please email me back... I will get back on after our dinner tonight and check to see what you said,,, I'm sorry and this is really bad time of day too... I hope I don't upset you too much and y'all still have a good day.... love you guys talk to you soon....

Maybe members can give you rides to your appointments, the ward mission leader maybe able to help you....
Looks like the rear axle is broken....?
Brian, at the Hubb Bike Shop, said you spoke with him the other day? Anyways talk with him and he said he can help you out...1220 S Milledge Ave, Athens GA
phone 706 355-3989 they may need to put bike back together, to pack bearings?
Love you tons, keep us in the loop, may cost about $40, let us know, maybe can use shop phone if need to speak with dad 801-725-8108 :)
Love you and glad wasn't something more serious....
Rainy day today so no worries about time of day, hopefully we can get fixed fast and easily,
Love you
Mom and Dad

:) so did Elder Atkin from the office call you? he was going to try and help out?

i had to ride on it... our stuff wasn't far tho and we walked a little of it... my comp is kinda a jerk about it tho... he will take off riding and i cant ride hard cause i dont wanna break anything bad again... and he just takes off and leaves me in the dark and doesn't wait for me... so I'm just waiting to get it fixed to see if he can keep up with me then..

Love you too! we will go look at moon! sleep good, sun comes up tomorrow!
Love y'all tons
Mom and Dad

thanks y'all... I'll probably call tomorrow off their phone but don't count on it... I might not cause I will cry ;) haha love y'all and when you can go out and look at the moon there is a ring around it and its pretty neat.... love y'all talk to ya tomorrow thanks again.. I love you guys! love elder weaver

Please don't be sorry! No worries glad you are ok, and not something should be around $40, and if you need to call please do, be safe and sleep good tonight, no worries, got your back! Love you,

when do you think that you will be able to go to the bike shop?

we have plans to do it tomorrow around noon take a bus...

sounds good, be happy, love ya,
mom and dad

love y'all talk to y'all tomorrow

Love you too! we will go look at moon! sleep good, sun comes up tomorrow!
Love y'all tons
Mom and Dad
So Jace did call the next day, I happened to be at work with Ross, laying pipe, I was in the trench and I saw Ross answer his phone and say "well hello Elder Weaver how are you?" I started to cry...they talked for a few minutes and then Ross motioned to me to come up and talk to him, we talked for a few minutes and he sounded like he has a cold coming on, he said he has a sore throat, probably because the temperature has changed about 25 degrees in a week....anyways he says he loves the work and is super busy, they had three appointments between 2 oclock their time and dinner and they were eating dinner with a member family, he told me about going on splits with Elder Edmunds last week and going to a man who told them he was gay and that Jace bore his testimony that man should be with good to hear his voice and his accent, holy cow, y'alls and yes ma'ams, so fun to get a surprise call! Love you Jacer and so glad we were able to help...ended up only $25 fix :)

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