Sunday, March 24, 2013


sorry about y'alls ride... :/ that's no fun... but yes my companion is doing really good a and I was recording :) ha ha yes they used it at the funeral he also sent home a talk he wrote here and emailed home... I hope they used his stuff at the funeral they said they would.. we get $135 a month to live off of :) the work is going good, it's just that though, WORK, things aren't coming easily but what's new in my life I'm used to it ;) keeping my chin up and pressing forward always!! :) we don't really have any experiences this past week... well except for my comp punching someone and given him a concussion and some black eyes.. all with one punch :P ha-ha a story ill tell next time ;) hey for package please send compression shorts would be very handy in P day activities :) it was super cool seeing the Haslam's because we were asked my pres Wolfert to join him for a youth fireside and share some missionary tips and knowledge to the youth in the stake :) that's where I met him and his wife and son :) well mom I love you very much and I'm praying for you and the family and wishing everyone luck in their upcoming events love y'all :):):):) love elder Weaver

I'm not fat the wind is blowing that shirt is all puffy :)

my comp was messin around with my camera as I was walking over to the pond to have him take my picture ;)

 we have a pond by our apt complex with ducks....
 we went to a members house and she had some good quotes I liked :)

I cleaned out my tub drain and my sind and this was what was in it....gross!

going to church and my comp made spam eggs and rice, soooo goooood!!! :):)

more food, and we saw a possum in our parking lot 3 days ago!!! :O soo cool!

 this is country as we are all going to service project


I asked him to tell me about the comp punching someone....
the other companion was mouthing off to a member who is unable to go to church this member had a heat stroke a while back and is suffering brain damage from it and has really sensitive eyes and wears sun glasses all the time and can't go outside too often.. this elder was kinda making fun of him saying he could run faster and jump higher then this member... kind pissed everybody off.. and the car ride home the elder is going off at me! no reason why just saying that if I don't teach about football stuff I won't be able to be the best missionary I can be.. I won't teach him anyways ;) ha-ha anyways my comp didn't like how he was talking to everyone so we get out of the car to go up to our apt and my comp says you better not talk to me like that this.. the other elder says oh ya you don't talk to me like that! my comp said get out of the car.. and the other guy did so my comp goes over to side and just POP :) right between the eyes :) and the force of the hit sent the other elder back into his seat and he started bleeding everywhere :):) my comp walks off and says watch yourself now! I was smiling :):_):):):):):) and I walked over, being the good guy that I am, and closed his door for him :) and went on my marry way :) good stuff hahaha

Good Stuff!
Oh and we get to skype on Mother's day!

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