Sunday, March 24, 2013

a mission

most spiritual experience so far.... hmm I would have to say when my companion said a prayer 3 days after his mom died and he was having a hard time wanting to go home and got mad and upset.. so I told him to take it to god.. we knelt down and he was mad at first with god and asked why now why her what could I have done and after he was done getting mad and taking out on god his spirit changed,,, he became sincere in his prayer and started telling god that he understood, and thanking him for things,, just showed me how fast and how he works with his children here on earth. ps I was crying ;)

we don't have anyone close to baptism yet.. we have on kid who is very interested and is setting up our appointments by himself which is really cool :) so we meet with him on Tuesdays and have dinner and teach him :)

the prayer my companion said ;)

advice,,, read and take notes both from book of Mormon and bible you never know when someone will try and argue about gospel stuff ;) happens quite a bit

you know.. a mission, like life, is what you make of it... your mission will be what you make of it you decide, you act, your testimony builds,, only if you allow it to and if you have a strong enough foundation to let it build upon,, ultimately.. it's your choice.. good luck with track and football :):):) I wish I was doing track at this time as well.. but I am where I need to be at this point in my life and I'm growing from it :) have fun with this maddi :):) be yourself and don't care what others think, what they think doesn't effect your eternal salvation ;) love you bro keep up your hard work and awesomeness :) love you love elder weaver

this came late last night, kinda of a fun emails all day, but he sent them all at the same time...slow internet?

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